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Company: 3L Electronic Co.
coils, inductors, and surface mounting devices (SMD) manufacturer.
URL: http://www.3lcoil.com.tw/
Contact: -- E-mail: master@3lcoil.com.tw

Company: Chilisin Electronics Corp.
manufactures inductors, ferrite cores, iron cores, chokes, filters, and transformers.
URL: http://www.chilisin.com.tw/
Contact: -- E-mail: cls@ms10.hinet.net

Company: LinkCom Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
manufacturer of transformers for telecommunication and computer industries.
URL: http://www.linkcom-co.com/
Contact: -- E-mail:

Company: Litai Electronic Enterprise Co., Ltd.
manufactures transformers, inductors, filters, coils, and various electronic components.
URL: http://www.litai.com/
Contact: -- E-mail: litai@public.fz.fj.cn

Company: Mag. Layers Scientific-Technics Co., Ltd.
products include EMI/EMC filters, ferrite beads, mutilayer chip inductors, and SMD components.
URL: http://www.maglayers.com.tw/
Contact: Ray Lee E-mail: maglayer@mail.ttn.com.tw

Company: Richmeg Industry Co., Ltd.
specializes in manufacturing solenoids.
URL: http://www.richmeg.com.tw/
Contact: IDA Feng E-mail: richmeg@ms7.hinet.net

Company: Sang Mao Enterprise Co., Ltd.
circuit breakers, thermostats, ground faults, protectors, switches, fuseholderes, and control components for the electronics industry.
URL: http://sangmao.com/
Contact: -- E-mail: sangmao@ksts.seed.net.tw

Company: Shih Hsing Co., Ltd.
manfuactures AC/DC solenoids.
URL: http://www.solenoids.com.tw/
Contact: -- E-mail: shihhsin@solenoids.com.tw

Company: TXC Corporation
3D special, VCD, TCXO, VCXO, SMD and SAW filter type crystal oscillators.
URL: http://www.txc.com.tw/
Contact: -- E-mail: sales@ibm43p.txc.com.tw