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Company: Allen Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd.
(1) assorted& related plastic packaging material, PVC, PP, PE, polyethylene shrink film, soft film, shrink label, cap seal, shrink bag, electronic insulating shrink tube, tubing. (2) packaging machinery, full automatic sealing, cutting machines, shrink labeling inserting machines, shrinking tunnel, sleeving machines, PVC shrink film, tube extruding equipment.
URL: http://www.allenpack.com/
Contact: -- E-mail: morida@ms19.hinet.net

Company: Cherny Tay Plastics Co.,Ltd.
hot melt adhesives and waterproofing products- glue sticker, glue stick( hot melt adhesives used in circuit board bonding), primer, pressure sensitive heat melt adhesives, waterproofing membranes, torching type membrane( SBS), waterproofing glue& sealant, self-adhesive membrane, torching type membrane.
URL: http://www.chetay.com.tw/
Contact: Monica Chung E-mail: chetay@ms15.hinet.net

Company: Jenn-Hann Technology Co., Ltd.
security products- cars, vehicle alarms system, central locking systems, power door remote controls, wireless home security systems, vehicle identification( ID), home appliance remote controls.
URL: http://www.alarms.com.tw/
Contact: Alison Yee E-mail: jh12047@ms7.hinet.net

Company: Joy Life Electronic Co., Ltd.
universal car alarm system, mobile electronic and other accessories, automobile& vehicle security products and accessory- remote controls, anti theft alarm, auto alarm, security system, sensors, proximity card reader, immobilizer, transponder immobilizer, fog cloak, fog machines.
URL: http://www.joylife.com.tw/
Contact: -- E-mail:

Company: Probofi Co., Ltd.
security products- automobles, digital car alarm system, motorcycles alarm and DIY home& office alarm security alarm systems, remote control, cars transmission lock, power cars window switches, car central locks, rear power curtains, sliding door contact switches.
URL: http://manufacture.com.tw/~probofi/
Contact: Harriet Huang E-mail: harriet@web.probofi.com.tw

Company: Tai-Jih Plastic Co., Ltd.
(1) plastic packaging material- PP & PE foam( boards, tubes, rods), for components, finish products, and LCD products packaging. gasket forbottle cup(2) sealing material (3) sponge adhesive tape base, PE, EVA, PU foam adhesive tape, industrial sponge, automotive interior door panels, tsim door panel, decorating pad of wheel, kind of protection & fixed sponge, water-proof roofing insulation, medical spong, packaging buffer. (4) insulation drain hose for split indoor air-conditioner. neocoil insulation hoses, bodyboard kickboard.
URL: http://www.taijih.com/
Contact: -- E-mail: taijih@ms18.hinet.net