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Company: Advantest Corporation
designing electronic measuring equipment, semiconductor producing equipment, IC integrated circuit testing equipment, memory test system, VLSI test system, and semiconductor test systems, E-Beam lithography system, optical probe test system, LCD driver test/ LCD panel test system.
URL: http://www.advantest.com.tw/
Contact: -- E-mail: ce@advantest.com.tw

Company: Brymen Technology Corporation
products include digital multimeter, digital automotive multimeter, and automotive engine analyser.
URL: http://www.brymen.com.tw/
Contact: -- E-mail: brymen@tpts4.seed.net.tw

Company: Chitai Electronic Company
industrial control- measuring instruments, testing equipments including digital panel meters, power transducers, test instruments and multi- function power series.
URL: http://www.chitai.com.tw/
Contact: -- E-mail: c9174400@ms9.hinet.net

Company: Chroma Ate Inc.
(1) monitor testing& measurement instruments, programmable AC power source, power analyzer, switching power supply/ supplies auto test equipments, power electronics, UPS, gold bonding wire. (2) telecommunication power system, switching mode rectifier/ battery charger. (3) single board computers, industrial computer, industrial chassis& backplane, panel PCs, embedded PCs, workstation.
URL: http://www.chromaate.com/
Contact: -- E-mail: chroma@chroma.com.tw

Company: Expert Electronic Corp.
POS system, LCD POS engine, single board computers( industrial PC), SBC, CPU cards, industrial workstations, PC/ 104 modules, panel PCs, power supplies( supply), industrial chassis, backplanes, keyboard drawers.
URL: http://www.expert-tw.com/
Contact: -- E-mail: expertek@ms10.hinet.net

Company: Good Will Instrument Co., Ltd.
(1) electronic testing instruments & measurement- oscilloscopes, programmable power supply, function generator, multimeters in-circuit testers.(2) factory automation equipment/ other T&M. (3) audio video/ public address system and intercoms. (4) AV/ PA products- video entry security system.
URL: http://www.goodwill.com.tw/
Contact: -- E-mail: marketing@goodwill.com.tw

Company: Riva Machinery Co., Ltd.
precision injection molding machine, equipment for liquid silicone rubber, vacuum compression molding machinery for rubber production industry, precision test equipment for tension, compression, torsion, test.
URL: http://www.riva.com.tw/
Contact: -- E-mail: service@riva.com.tw

Company: Terchy Environmental Technology Ltd.
chamber/ environmental testing equipment- Mhu series humidity chamber, Ck series oven, Mini series humidity chamber, thermal shock chamber, vibration tester, aircon unit for testing room.
URL: http://www.terchy.com.tw/
Contact: William Chen E-mail: taichy@ms10.hinet.net

Company: Trisco Electronics (Taiwan) Ltd.
automotive( automobile) testing instruments- timing light analyzers for professional and DIY users' automotive multi- tetsters, engine's tune- up instruments, personal alcohol tester, automotive trouble code scanner, tachometer& gauges, panel meter, GPS tracer, automotive scope.
URL: http://www.trisco.com/
Contact: -- E-mail: trisco@trisco.com

Company: Utron Technologies Corp
design and manufacture of bare board testers and cable testers.
URL: http://www.utron.net/
Contact: -- E-mail: webmaster@utron.net

Company: Yi Chun Electrical Co., Ltd.
infrared thermometers, humidity meters, measurement instruments, pressure gauges, anemometer, temperature meter, measurement control technical ceramics, industrial ceramics, glass thermometers.
URL: http://www.yichun.com.tw/
Contact: -- E-mail: hsinhuey@ms15.hinet.net