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professional manufacturer of AVR (Electronic) / Stabilizer/ Power Line Conditioner, AC Power Source/Frequency Converter & UPS...
URL: http://www.acpower.net
Contact: Jennifer Chien E-mail: market@acpower.net

Company: Centralion Industrial Co., Ltd.
electronic, PC power supply/ supplies- UPS( uninterruptible power system), stand- by UPS CL& CT series, on- line UPS CONI series, UPS CONP series, line interaction UPS CTB series, desire series, 19"" rack mount UPS.
URL: http://manufacture.com.tw/~centralion/
Contact: -- E-mail: sales@centralion.com.tw

Company: Chroma Ate Inc.
(1) monitor testing& measurement instruments, programmable AC power source, power analyzer, switching power supply/ supplies auto test equipments, power electronics, UPS, gold bonding wire. (2) telecommunication power system, switching mode rectifier/ battery charger.
URL: http://www.chromaate.com/
Contact: -- E-mail: chroma@chroma.com.tw

Company: Chung Hau Co, Ltd.
(1) mobile/ cellular phone accessories- Li- Ion battery/ batteries. (2) water filters, mini dehumidifiers, air cleaners. (3) switching power supply, supplies- external AC/ DC adaptor, accessory.
URL: http://manufacture.com.tw/~chunghau/
Contact: Robert Dai E-mail: chunghau@ms18.hinet.net

Company: Eastern House Electronic Co., Ltd.
telecommunication equipment& accessories- cable TV systems/ equipment such as amplifiers, power supplies/ supply, cable TV system, passives components.
URL: http://www.ehcatv.com.tw/
Contact: Tony Tsai E-mail: ehcatv@ms15.hinet.net

Company: Enermax Technology Corporation
switching power supply/ supplies and computer cases, computer components, computer parts, CPU fan coolers, heat sink, mobile rack.
URL: http://www.enermax.com.tw/
Contact: -- E-mail: enermax@enermax.com.tw

Company: Hua U Electronics Co., Ltd.
telecommunications equipment- CATV/ MATV parts, component including power supply, duplex amplifiers, line passives, multi- taps, indoor passives, connectors, tools.
URL: http://www.st-catv.com.tw/
Contact: Mary P. Yap E-mail: stcatv@ms16.hinet.net

Company: Powerex Enterprise Co., Ltd.
electronic power supply/ supplies, equipment& devices, source products including AVR( automatic voltage regulator)& UPS ( uninterruptible power supplies), stabilizer, AC liner, line conditioner, line regulator, AVS.
URL: http://www.avr.com.tw/
Contact: -- E-mail: powerex@ms22.hinet.net

Company: Unelectra International Corporation
electronic power supplies, transformers, dry type epoxy resin mold cast transformers.
URL: http://www.uic.com.tw/
Contact: -- E-mail: uic@ms19.hinet.net

Company: World Top Enterprise Co., Ltd.
computer components, parts, accessories - computer cases, carrying cases and switching power supplies/ supply
URL: http://www.wtcase.com.tw/
Contact: -- E-mail: ufupego@ms4.hinet.net