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Company: Ampire Co., Ltd.
LCD modules- TN, STN, FSTN, TAB, COG liquid crystal( LC) modules including character LCD module& graphic LCD module series, custom module checklist, numbering system.
URL: http://www.ampire.com.tw/
Contact: Peter Liu E-mail: peter.liu@ampire.com.tw

Company: Arach Technology & Application Corp.
laser diode( LD), laser pointers, laser pen, keychain laser pointer, LED pen , laser diode, laser module, LED light pen, ultrabright LED pen, gadgets, optoelectronics.
URL: http://www.arach-ta.com/
Contact: -- E-mail: webmaster@arach-ta.com

Company: Chun Yun Electronics Co., Ltd.
monivision, super large srceen monitors, TV/ PC monitor series, open frame monitor, home theater audio systems, remote keyboard, and laser pointer.
URL: http://www.chun.com.tw/
Contact: -- E-mail: chunyun@chun.com.tw

Company: Chunghwa Picture Tubes, Ltd.- CPT
visual display products- color display tube( CDT), color picture tubes, liquid crystal display( LCD), DY for CDT, electron gun, monochrome CRT , STN / TFT LCD modules.
URL: http://www.cptt.com.tw/
Contact: -- E-mail:

Company: Data International Co., Ltd.
a wide variety of low cost character and graphic LCD modules, liquid crystal display modules, LCM display, LCD display, LCD monitor, LCD drivers& controllers. our character displays of 8 x 2 up to 40 x 4, our graphic display up to 400 x 240.
URL: http://www.data-lcm.com/
Contact: -- E-mail:

Company: Giant Gun Electric & Optical Co., Ltd.
laser pointers& optical components, line device& laser barrels, filters, beam splitters, lenses& lenses sets.
URL: http://www.giantgun.com.tw/
Contact: Hsu, Chao-Fa E-mail: giantgun@ms19.hinet.net

Company: High Elevation Corp.
LED products- outdoor& indoor intelligent display panel, moving sing, and multi funtional calendar. connection of control system, RS232 port, and infrared ray remote control.
URL: http://www.highelevation.com.tw/
Contact: -- E-mail: h4803@ms3.hinet.net

Company: Oxygen Enterprice Co., Ltd.
laser pointers, laser indicating pens, laser ball point pens, handy oxygen bottles, oxygen masks, oxygen tanks& supplies, mobile phone sensor, mobile phone parts, sensor pen, water quality sterilization, detergent, swimming pool cleanser, handy shoe polisher( gifts package).
URL: http://www.gas.com.tw/
Contact: -- E-mail: gas@ms12.hinet.net

Company: Pioneer Hardware Co., Ltd.
motorcycle locks, safety flashers, bicycle chain locks, electronic alarm locks, cable devices, LED flashing safety lights, brake lights.
URL: http://www.pimeco.com.tw/
Contact: -- E-mail: ph3415@ms6.hinet.net

Company: Poe Lang Enterprise Co., Ltd.
laser products, key chain style ordinary, key chain style interchangeable, laser pointer, laser sight, laser level, laser indicator, laser sighting device, laser pen, cross bow, practice bow, composite bow, aluminum and wooden arrow.
URL: http://www.laser-poelang.com.tw/
Contact: Philip Chang E-mail: plec7550@ms21.hinet.net

Company: Sunlike Display Tech. Corp.
character display modules, graphic display modules, standard/ customized LCD modules custom designed twisted nematic(TN), super(STN), film(FSTN) flexible print circuit board(FPC).
URL: http://www.lcd-modules.com.tw/
Contact: John Huang E-mail: sunlike8@ms17.hinet.net

Company: Unipac Optoelectronics Corporation
display device- small and mid-size TFT-LCD modules, yransmissive& reflective amphormous silicon TFT-LCD module large-size TFT-LCD module, field emission display( FED) , miniature display, and foundry ( OEM/ ODM) business.
URL: http://www.unipac.com.tw/
Contact: -- E-mail: tyler@unipac.com.tw

Company: Yield Technology Co., Ltd.
personal video security system, 2.4 GHZ DSSS wireless surveillance system, wireless LAN cards, DSP PC camera for videos, global position( GPS) systems, color pin hole CCD camera module, 2.5" TFT LCD modules.
URL: http://www.yield.com.tw/
Contact: -- E-mail: