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Company: Chu Chun Eletrical Industrial Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of industrial motors and food processing machinery including brake motor, hydraulic motors, electric meat mincer, ice crusher and ice slicer.
URL: http://www.switch-jt.com.tw
Contact: -- E-mail: jtco@ms17.hinet.net

Company: Chu Luog Electric Heating Machinery Factory
electric heating machinery, high- temperature furnace, heat handling furnace, multifunction heat treatment furnace, bell type annealing( normalizing) furances, drying machine, electric heating materials, carburizing gas supply system, endothermic gas generator, carburizing & nitriding system, methanol, toluene system, heating system, electric heater, flexcase bath system.
URL: http://www.chuluog.com.tw/
Contact: -- E-mail:

Company: Cutes Corporation
DC motors and control( application for various industrial requirements) , AC inverters, servo motor and driver, liquid ring vacuum pumps( booster vacuum system), magnet DC motors, vector control and motor, vacuum pumps, root's blowers.
URL: http://www.cutes.com.tw/
Contact: -- E-mail: sales@cutes.com.tw

Company: GFC Ltd.
The company produces elevators and generators, ramps.
URL: http://www.gfctaiwan.com/english/english.htm
Contact: -- E-mail: webmaster@gfctaiwan.com

Company: Jumbo Co., Ltd.
professionally designs, manufactures, sells, installs and maintains different sound proof Generator,electric Welder ,portable generator, air compressor, windmill,mid-Term and long-Term Rent, import, export, Buy/Sell, periodical maintenance.
URL: http://www2.seeder.net/jumbo/e.htm
Contact: -- E-mail: walawala@ms10.hinet.net

Company: Nan Hsin Mechnical Electrical Co.,Ltd.
Product Sound-proof type generator set,automatic transfer switch, synchronising and paralleling panels.
URL: http://www.nanhsin.com.tw
Contact: -- E-mail: nanhsin.genset@msa.hinet.net

Company: ShunChi Crankshaft Co., Ltd.
combustion engine parts- engine crankshafts for motorcycles, generators , water pumps, mowers, stern- drives, log saws, golf carts and snow sweepers parts.
URL: http://www.shunchi.com.tw/
Contact: Younan Hung E-mail: crank@ms11.hinet.net

Company: TaTung Group
manufacturer of electronics, home appliances and industrial equipment
URL: http://www.tatung.com.tw/
Contact: -- E-mail: webmaster@tatung.com.tw