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Subject: MBE Experimental II-VI chamber 1 to 3" Sale

Date: 09/21/01 at 2:20 PM
Posted by: Dr. David Eason
E-mail: deason@epi-tech.com
Message Posted:

Hi, Eagle-Picher Technologies, LLC in Miami, OK has a spare operable Molecular Beam Epitaxy system with extensive crryoshrouding that is for sale. I will paste the specs below. Contact me by email or by 1-800-331-3144.

Custom MBE Chamber Equipment List :

1. Main MBE Chamber (custom built by MDC Vacuum Products) which is situated at 30 degrees off Horizontal with the effusion cell ports at the lower end. Mounted on an aluminum frame. The main chamber has 7 effusion cell ports (5 are 2-3/4 flanges and 2 are 3-3/8 flanges). No effusion cells will be included, only blank caps. Rotary feedthroughs with stepper motors attached are included to operate the 7 internal effusion cell shutters. Also the schematics for the chamber are included. There is an internal cryoshroud that surrounds all effusion cells as well as the sample mount area. This is a closed LN2 system and is gravity feed through one inlet port and vented through one outlet port. It is temperature controlled on the vent outlet. The sample mount in the main chamber is designed to rotate the sample from the transfer position as well as the growth and ionization gauge positions. The mount can hold a 1 sample block (blocks to be included with system). It has a spring contact thermocouple on the back of the block for temperature control. No substrate rotation is possible. An ionization gauge is located on the back side of the sample mount to check fluxes. An additional ionization gauge is located in the main chamber for background pressure. A pneumatic main shutter is also located on the sample mount. All ports are ConFlat flange metal gasket seals.
2. Blanked 10 port (8 ID tube) on the side that can accept a CT-8 CryoTorr Cryopump.
3. Load Lock chamber for sample introduction to main chamber. Chamber can handle a 3 size wafer in a mount. Magnetic transfer arm on the load lock is a 1 size holder. System could be converted to a 3 system with a new sample mount and transfer arm.
4. Pfeiffer Balzers TCP300/BZ 43 turbopump station with backing pump in one unit is attached to the load lock and is fully operational.
5. A vacuum insulated liquid nitrogen reservoir on an aluminum stand is included. The hose on the bottom mates to the main chamber inlet port for liquid nitrogen cooling. The tank includes an automatic level filler control that works when the tank is connected to a liquid source. The liquid fills the main chamber by gravity and the electronic temperature control.
6. The rack mount stepper motor controller (Superior Electric MODULYNX) for the rotary shutters is included and can be programmed via an RS-232 interface. The same unit can also operate the pneumatic main shutter on the sample mount.
7. A temperature control box for the liquid nitrogen shroud is also included. This box also operates all gate vales except for the load lock to main chamber gate which is manual for safety reasons. Most of the gate valves are operated by pneumatic valves. The main chamber to load lock valve is manual.
8. Under the load lock and connecting to the bottom of the main chamber is a system of tubes through 2 cold traps to allow evacuation of the main chamber where volatile or hazardous materials need to be frozen for safety. The system was previously used as a mercury containing system.
9. All mercury is safely removed from the system with only traces remaining. Selenium powder will remain in the main chamber.
10. A rolling cart that connects to the main chamber and allows one to crank down the shroud is also included. This is for maintenance.
11. Setup and training help is available on the system.

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