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Wanted Sales Agent [Sell]09/30/99
We are seeking sales representation to major automotive companies, tier 1 suppliers, and material handling container manufacturers to increase our sales in planned stages. Commission 5 to 10% Leads Technical Group, Inc. specializes in the design and solid modeling of material handling containers (steel and injection molded), mechanical assemblies, and project management. We also have prototype and limited production run capabilities of steel and injection molded material handling containers through associated companies in which all responsibility and liability is assumed by Leads Technical Group, Inc.
Name: Alan Cechovsky Michigan&Canada
Homepage: http://

Need electrical CAD system [Misc]09/29/99
I seek a software which would enable me to draw diagram electric for automatic machines. You who use some, can you advise me. Is it possible to download some on the web?
Name: Amand Jean-Paul BELGIUM
Homepage: http://

Decipphering the HP690c pen state cartridge test [Sell]09/28/99
I was give a code to check my printer cartridge and this is the print out, can anyone decipher it for me? 1. Pen state: TA:19.75 KR:38 CR:44 KO:68 CO:38 KP:38 CP:38 Status: OK This cartridge seems to print OK. 2. Pen state: Stall o pen tsr bad (no, this is not bad spelling) Status: OK This cartridge was working at about 50%. 3. Pen state: TA:20 KR:58 CR:38 KO:68 KP:38 CP:38 Status: OK Thanks in advance for any ideas.
Name: Wanda Canada
Homepage: http://

diesel fuel flow sensors [Buy]09/27/99
I am looking for diesel fuel flow sensor for diesel engines fuel cosumption measuremet Accuracy may be 3% or better
Name: Rimantas Slegeris Lithuania
Homepage: http://

Launch of engineering forum and much more [Misc]09/25/99
If you're already here you might also like a new site that has come online called It's a site dedicated to sharing electrical engineering & programming information. I highly recommend it. Don
Name: Don Ware PA
Homepage: http://

Identify Part [Misc]09/25/99
I have a circuit board that has a part which needs to be replaced (overheated and broken). I have not been able to find anyone (electronic suppliers) that can identify the part. The part is about 1 inch (25 MM) in DIA. and 1/8 inch (3.1 MM) thick and is black and marked SG355. It has 2 leads and looks like a large radial lead capacitor. The current passing through this part goes on through a relay on its way to a DC motor. The logo is in block letters, and appears to be "Li" or "Ri". The "L" or "R" is a vertical solid white rectangle. The "i" is the same width as the "L" but is lower case and just an outline, the "dot" is solid white on the top while the lower half is just a line. The top of the "dot" may be the extension of the "R". I think it is a thermistor (thyristor)(varisitor) that controls inrush current to a mechanical relay. Who makes it and where can I get one, that is the question?
Name: Philip M. Piper VA
Homepage: http://

schematics for stepper-motor (for my telescope) [Misc]09/24/99
Hi, I'm looking for some schematics for stepper-motor, without a microcontroller. I need this for my schoolproject.
Name: Joost Vanhoutte Belgium
Homepage: http://

lights [Misc]09/22/99
need a schematic on the lights that are seen on the front end of kitt
Name: john iowa/u.s

Need a Consultant [Misc]09/20/99
I need a consultant in the Pittsburgh, PA area to design and build a new, challenging medical device. Experience in machining and integrating small metal/plastic components is required. A retired person who has such skills is preferred. -Mingui Sun, Ph.D. Associate Professor Dept. of Neurosurgery University of Pittsburgh 412-648-9234
Name: Mingui Sun PA
Homepage: http://

Rotary Blower Operation [Misc]09/20/99
Please Email me if you operate of maintain Rotary Lobe type blowers of the make "Spelleken". The model we have is "RV 83/84.5 L2D" Please advise any service history you may have on these blowers. Regards Bill Walker(Engineer)
Name: Bill Walker Western Australia
Homepage: http://

Souriau Connectors [Sell]09/18/99
I have a good size box of 'Souriau & Cie' connectors that I obtained from an auction and do not need. I will run an inventory if anyone is interested. Please respond by email if interested.
Name: Mark Daniell NC
Homepage: http://

Light chaser [Misc]09/16/99
> Hi does anybody have the schematics to build a strobe light and a light > chaser. > Thanks > Sal
Name: Sal Canada
Homepage: http://

Wanted - Your Company [Misc]09/16/99
Dear Company Owners, Are you in the process of executing a retirement plan or want to sell your company assets in part or in whole? Or are your looking for funds to expand your facility? We can help. We are Mergers and Acquisitions specialists. Our specialty including company valuation, corporate finance and M&A services. We help public or privately held companies to engage all kinds of corporate finance activities. Established companies with at least 5 million USD sales, please. US based companies preferred.
Name: Jack Wan NJ

Wanted - Your Company [Misc]09/16/99
Dear Company Owners, Are you in the process of executing a retirement plan or want to sell your company assets in part or in whole? Or are your looking for funds to expand your facility? We can help. We are Mergers and Acquisitions specialists. Our specialty including company valuation, corporate finance and M&A services. We help public or privately held companies to engage all kinds of corporate finance activities. Established companies with at least 5 million USD sales, please. US based companies preferred.
Name: Jack Wan NJ

Internet Vending Machine [Misc]09/14/99
I am looking for a technology company who can modify a vending machine (i.e. soda machine) to be controlled (dispense items) via a web page. By clicking on an item on a web page the machine dispenses that item. I need to have such a machine for a technology showcase. Please e-mail me if your company can take up this project or if you know a company or engineers who can accomplish this.
Name: Rafael NC
Homepage: http://

Allocation is on it's way! [Sell]09/14/99
To all Contract Manufacturers, Electronic Purchasing Managers and Expeditors: Allocation is coming. Let us help you. Semitech Electronics Corp. has just opened a new branch in Neptune, NJ. We are an independent stocking distributor of electronic components. We specialize in shortages, hard to find and obsolete product. We have extensive inventory in all Rohm product and can guarantee you savings. Sell us your excess inventory. Whatever your need give us a call , we'll be glad to help. Semitech Electronics Phone: 732-775-3004 Fax: 732-775-3007 E-mail:
Name: Semitech Electronics Corp. New Jersey
Homepage: http://

Name: lew whedon CALIF
Homepage: http://

jobs board [Misc]09/10/99
Name: chuck emery il
Homepage: http://

High Voltage Components [Misc]09/10/99
Reynolds Industries Inc. Capacitor Products Division Manufactures High Voltage Mica Capacitors 1500vDC thru 60,000vDC 100pF thru 3uF; Voltage Multipliers 3 thru 80kV to 8mA 20 thru 100kHz with sense and output filtering options; Gas Discharge Tubes (spark gaps) 90 thru 20,000 volts, ceramic to metal seal. Voice 805 928 5866 Fax 805 922 3601
Name: Jim McCoskey California

Technical illustration and documentation [Misc]09/10/99
All our staff are highly trained and experienced in a wide range > of illustration and cartography. > > We are based in Congleton U.K., if you require any further > information please contact Dave Rainbow. or visit our home page for examples of work
Name: Advanced Illustration England (Cheshire)
Homepage: The site Mac does not want you to see!! [Sell]09/09/99
Check out this site!! Corporate America vs The little guy. Shocking in depth expose'
Name: Skuncle Canada

Cutting Oil and Tool Wear [Sell]09/08/99
I am looking for infomation about how abrasive metal fines affect tool life when using straight cutting oils. I am trying to cost justify filtration.
Name: Steve Wyrick Ohio
Homepage: http://

CAD/CAM/Engineering Survey [Misc]09/08/99
We are currently conducting a millennium survey of CAD/CAM/Engineering industry trends. Our aim is to compile sufficient data on present technology activities to gain a clearer picture of what the future might bring. All respondents will be entered into the "MGF Millennium Draw" and could win one of several VIP tickets to Silverstone's first Millennium Grand Prix! If you would like to enter, or would like further information, please visit us at:- Or visit our jobs site at http://
Name: Admin UK

Radiators, Exhaust system for cars [Sell]09/07/99
We specialize in Fuel tanks, Radiators, Exhaust system, stainless steel pipe for American, Japnese, European cars and trucks. With more than 20 years experience, we can assure of high quality and meet with your need.
Name: Jack Hsu Taiwan

New and Forthcoming Technical, Engineering & Management Books [Sell]09/06/99
Mailing List - New and Forthcoming technical, engineering and management books, software and training videos from Artech House and Whittles Publishing. To subscribe send blank email to: or visit: Full archives available.
Name: Roger Gregory 44 (UK)

Welding and Metallising electrodes,wires,powders,equipment,maintenance and repair consultants [Sell]09/05/99
U.S. Alloys and Weld Tech Companies supply industry and agriculture with new and improved solutions to maintenance and repair problems.
Name: U.S. Alloys/Weld Tech Illinois

Small Metalworking Machines [Misc]09/02/99
We handle Sherline & Myford equipment and accessories. Have a look at Regards Ross
Name: NORTH STAR Hobby Machining Supplies Sask, Canada

Free Modeling and Simulation Articles [Misc]09/02/99
The Minerals, Metals & Materials Societys monthly journal, JOM, has published a series of multimedia-enhanced materials articles designed specifically for presentation on the World Wide Web. You can view the articles free of charge by visiting our web site. Check out our August edition at: This issue includes the following articles, which are the first of two-parts focusing on modeling and simulation: * "Modeling the Gas By-products of Metalorganic Chemical Vapor Deposition," by J.G. Jones and P.D. Jero * "Predicting Microstructure from Atomistic Rule Set Cellular Automata," by K.J.W. Atkinson, Robin W. Grimes, Matthew O. Zacate, Peter D. Lee, Al G. Jackson, and Steve R. LeClair * "Discrete Modeling via Function Approximation Methods: Bridging Atomic- and Microscales," by A.G. Jackson and M.D. Benedict * "Using Fuzzy Logic for Molecular Modeling," by David A. Ress Modeling and Simulation, Part II, due out in September, consists of five more papers, which are still under construction. For more details on Part II, visit: All of the articles are presented as components of JOMs web-only supplement, JOM-e, which is designed to present materials-oriented technical articles in a manner that conventional print publication cannot accommodate. For more information, write, call (724) 776-9000, ext. 224 or visit:
Name: Deborah Smith PA

New Electronics/Schematic related web page [Misc]09/01/99
useful schematics for the electronics hobiest.
Name: George Dono NJ

Logistic VS. Operational [Misc]09/01/99
...I wiould like to know the different between LOGISTIC and Operational ?? If anyone could help me..i will be very appriciatezzz ^_^ thankz ahead.. July MOrning
Name: July Morning AU
Homepage: http://

Diamond Dies [Sell]08/28/99
We locate at Taipei, Taiwan. for sale-diamond dies. size range from 0.01m/m-8m/m. We have natural dies, synthetic dies, tin-coated copper dies, PVF dies, Point dies, and Guide dies. Tel:886-2-2659-0955 Fax:886-2-2657-2929<br>
Name: ChyiMeei Precision Industry Taiwan

Welding Equipment and Supplies [Sell]08/28/99
We are here to serve you with the widest range of all welding supplies at competitive pricing. We offer well known brand named products. Save time and money order on-line. We are equiped to serve from home shop personal needs to large industrial companies. If there is anything you can't find, e-mail us we will do our best to find it for you.
Name: AAA Wholesale Welding Supply New York

New, Affordable CNC Drill Point Grinder [Misc]08/27/99
If you use high-performance carbide drills, then you MUST take a moment to visit our website. The advantages of high quality sharpening are astonishing, and the costs of NOT sharpening drills well can make or break even the most profitable drilling job. The NewPoint 25 CNC Drill Grinder is definitely worth a few moments of your time. Thanks!
Name: Gordon Engineering Corp. Pennsylvania

Cryogenic Cylinder Rehab Facility [Misc]08/27/99
If you are working with cryogenic cylinders of any size, you will want to speak with us. We can improve your bottom line in several key areas. Product loss, capacity improvements, specialty applications, etc. Turn liabilty into profits, call ATT today! Mike Wolfe: 1-888-826-5123
Name: American Tank & Testing Pennsylvania

Looking for a Semiconductor Professional [Misc]08/25/99
I have an immediate need for a Senior Systems Engineer with 5+ years of experience in the following: - Semiconductor manufacturing experience - UNIX and NT environments - Object-Oriented programming - RS/232 Will be responsible for mentoring and training junior Engineers as well as setting up programming to SEI standards. SECS2 and GEM highly desirable.
Name: Stephanie Watson Austin, TX

New Master Course: Mechanical Engineering and International Sales Mangement [Misc]08/25/99
Master of Engineering (MEng) Mechanical Engineering and International Sales Management New Master Programme starting autumn 1999 in Konstanz (Constance), Germany For all egineers who want to focus on marketing and sales of technical systems. 3 semesters of study No fees (at the present) Mainly taught in German language Application forms available via WWW (see above), For starting in October 1999, your application must be sent by beginning of September.
Name: Prof. Dr. Roland Schultze D

Do you still shop at local atores ? [Misc]08/19/99
If you do then find out what's on sale in local retail stores every week at - beats going thru Sunday newspaper and ads to find out what's on sale! This site shows products from stores like Best Buy, Circuit City, Kmart, COmpUSA, Sears, Office Depot, Office Max, Staples, WalMart etc. Helps you compare prices and features for Computers, Software, Electronics etc. Another cool feature is the free products you can get after rebates in local stores, check it out at
Name: George CA

Manufacturing Manager seeks employment. [Misc]08/19/99
Ceramic manufacturing experience. Currently, running a plant in Calgary Canada manufacturing advanced materials, armor, wear products, composites. Desires to return to US. US Citizen, Advanced Degree MIT Ceramics Great skills in product development, commercialization and manufacturing. Dave Marchant
Name: Dave Marchant New Jersey
Homepage: http://

Trade Directory in NORTH AMERICA. [Misc]08/18/99
We are one of the biggest trade directory and business to business locators in NORTH AMERICA and CANADA. We are always looking for products to our companies worldwide. Please visit our home page to know more.
Name: webmaster CANADA

Illig Thermoforming [Sell]08/18/99
I have been asked to dispose of an Illig machine in UK Stephanie Liew from a Packaging Company in Malaysia/Singapore posted a requirement for Illig machines on 31st May Does anybody have her contact details ?
Name: Richard Green England

Lollipop Manufacturing Needed [Misc]08/17/99
Looking for firm to manufacture, packaging and ship new, special lollipop. We are located in West Covina CA. Please call us if your company is qualified to assist. Thank you, Jim Hernandez 909) 599-0035 909) 599-5964 fax
Name: Jim Hernandez CA
Homepage: http://

Dehumidification systems <-60 dewpoint >9000CFM 08/17/99 [Misc]08/17/99
I am looking for professionals that use low dewpoint dehumidification in their process to discuss the problems of operation and maintenance of such systems. Thanks
Name: Don Georgia
Homepage: http://

Onsite Metallurgical Process Training [Misc]08/17/99
AMI Training Services, a leader in Metallurgical Process Training and Consulting Services, would like to invite you to visit our web site at: AMI programs are offered at your companies site and tailored to your companies specific needs. If this is something that would be of interest to you, we will be happy to send your company a brochure. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, AMI Training Services Marc Starrett Director, Technical Training
Name: Marc Starrett OH

Precision Manual & CNC Milling Machines and Vertical M/C [Sell]08/14/99
Lilian is a specialized milling manufacuter in Taiwan since 1978. We have full range of manual or CNC knee type and bed type mills and vertical machining center. If you are interested in, please feel free to contact us now.
Name: Rosalind Chen Taiwan

Pressure sensitive safety mats [Sell]08/13/99
Hello, We are looking to purchase the above to fit a range of Tube Bending Machines. Must be Ce marked. This is a genuine urgent enquiry Ta muchly
Name: Bruce Langley UK
Homepage: http://

Sixstroke Engine [Misc]08/11/99
The Sixstroke engine is fundamentally superior to the Fourstroke because the head is no longer parasitic but is a net contributor to, and an integral part of the power generation within the engine. The Sixstroke is thermodynamically more efficient because the change in volume of the power stroke is greater than the intake stroke, the compression stroke, and the exhaust stroke. The compression ratio can be increased because of the absence of hot spots. The rate of change in volume during the critical combustion period is less than in a Fourstroke. The absence of valves within the combustion chamber allows design freedom. Malcolm Beare. Ph/fax 61 885 645 201
Name: Beare Technology Pty Ltd Australia

Auto parts from Russia [Sell]08/10/99
Dear sirs, Our company sells auto spares of production of Russia and countries of CIS. Let's deliver in any country of the spare for automobiles - VAZ, LADA, GAZ, UAZ, ALEKO; For trucks - KAMAZ, MAZ, KRAZ, ZIL, URAL. The delivery of spares for tractors of production of CIS - MTZ (BELARUS), UMZ-6, K-700, T-25, T-40, T-150, T-150K, T-130, T-170, DT-75H is possible(probable). In case of development of concern is asked to contact to us on e-mail: Best regards, Alexander Sabirov "Manager International" Moscow, Russian Federation, 109432 1/17, Trofimova str. tel.: 7-095-279-4593 fax: 7-095-2799333
Name: Manager International Russian Federation
Homepage: http://

Buyer Wants To Buy Gold Bullion [Buy]08/10/99
Buyer wants to buy Gold Bullion, SWISS Procedures ONLY. Which means Seller proves gold BEFORE buyer proves funds. Buyer is a TRUST and the Trustee is the sixth wealthiest person in the world. RWA and FPA with NCND issued in 48 hours to WRITTEN BONAFIDE OFFERS ONLY. TRUSTEE TAKES 1/2 THE BUY SIDE COMMISSION. Ask about available paper. Tel: 616-342-8681 Fax: 616-342-9058 Preceding is a non-solicitation and subject to change.
Name: Bud Keasey Michigan
Homepage: http://

Free Catalogs--Inch & Metric Parts [Sell]08/09/99
J.W. Winco, Inc. has updated its web site, which features our huge selection of metric and inch standard machine parts. We offer North Americas largest selection of metal and plastic hand-operating and fastening components. Check out our adjustable levers, cabinet U-handles, revolving and retractable handles, handwheels, crank handles, leveling devices, hand knobs, spring, ball and indexing plungers, jig and fixture components, toggle clamps, casters and wheels, and tools for the industrial and commercial equipment industries. You can use the site to get more information about specifications and prices, or to request our FREE catalogs. Visit us at:
Name: Steve Hadjuch Wisconsin

P/M Manufacturer [Misc]08/09/99
powder metallurgy is one of today's fastest-growing and most exciting technologies, giving manufacturers new options for components that match traditionally-manufactured parts in strength and quality but lead the pack in affordability, convenience, and value. BrownCo's top-quality parts, affordable prices, and outstanding customer service add up to a significant advantage for manufacturers. We invite you to tour our website, learn more about BrownCo and the P/M process, and find out how the BrownCo Advantage can give your manufacturing operation the leading edge.
Name: Steve Brown Pennsylvania

Kirksite and Aluminum Prototype Molds [Sell]08/03/99
Building as cast kirksite molds,forming dies and aluminum and zinc castings.Recently purchased 60/30 machining center for aluminum molds.We specialize in quick turn around prototype molds and castings.In business since 1979 for quote call(937)778-8327 or fax(937)778-9464.
Name: Brian Ross Ohio

Professional 2D/3D Design and Drafting Services [Misc]08/03/99
datum Drafting & Design. Complete 2D and 3D design and drafting services. Contract work and Consulting. Specializing in design for Sheetmetal, Machining, Casting, Plastics and Electronics. Fully experienced with Pro/ENGINEER, Pro/MECHANICA (FEA), SolidWorks, AutoCAD, ANVIL, Micrografx and Office Applications. Email for more details
Name: datum Drafting & Design Canada
Homepage: http://

Manufacturer and exporter electrical motors. [Sell]08/01/99
We are a Bulgarian company, which specializes in manufacturing: 1. Electric motors for common use. The motors include the following modifications: - Monophase Asynchronous Motor Type: MR80; MRS 80; MR 90; MRS 90 (0,09 3 kW) A90; A120; A150; A180; A200; A1005 E4; A250 3/4; A250 4/4P; EP 25/2; EV 2,5/4; EV10/4; "Astron"; A0602E2 - Three-phase Asynchronous Motor Type: MR80; MR 90; A1005 K6; EKT 40/6. The rotation speed is 1500min-1 to 3000min-1, power 0,04kW to 3,0kW and supply voltage 220 - 220/380V whit 50 Hz frequency. 2. Direct Current Motor Types: EAP 10/3; They are designed to drive the fan of car preheaters and may be used for similar purposes. The EAK 65-2/2,4 direct current motor is designed to drive a portable air compressor for car tyres pumping. The supply voltage - 12 V and 24 V. 3. Specialized Monophase Asynchronous Motors - 0,016 kW to 0,25 kW for any household appliance. 4. Axial Fans for electrotechnics and household. This type of fans includes the following modifications: VA 9/2; VA 12/2; VA 14/2; VA 16/2. They are designed for: - organizing computing technology; - completing units for electronic- computing machines, instrument building, automation etc. - for cooling of electronic computing machine, different memory based devices etc. All the fans of this type have built - in driving motors with screened poles and short - circuited rotors. The motor body is of quadratic shape and has internal radial fins to which the stator is attached. The supply voltage is 115 V, 220 V and the frequency 50 Hz. Another branch of our company produces parts for forklift tracks and spare parts for the PERKINS Diesel engines. We can manufacture nonstandard equipment according to client's order/offer. Please contact us for more information. Thank you and Best regards. Tel/Fax +359/ 2 728 947; +359/ 52 239 589; Tel. +359/720 23 19, 37 08 Fax. +359 /720 36 21.
Name: Angel Stephanov Bulgaria

Choose Faro Industries [Sell]07/31/99
Choose Faro Industries to manufacture your custom plastic components. We have been servicing our customers for over 30 years. Faro offers; Thermoforming, Injection Molding, Fabrication and Secondaries as a complete package. We also offer Prototype Building, Displays, Models, Molds, Machining, Engineering and Designing. Full CAD/CAM support with the most current version of Master Cam. We can evaluate your requirements through our E-mail or use the quote form.. Contact us for all your plastics needs. Visit us at: or mail:
Name: Chuck Zimmerman New York

See how factoring can solve your cash flow needs.Call now 1-800-311-0788 for your free no obligation analysis/
Name: Ronald. Rogalski KS.

Job: Charlotte-NC Project Coordinator Electrical Subcontractors HVAC Lighting UV [Misc]07/24/99
Join a very impressive organization that has grown from over $100 mill to $1 billion in the last couple years! We are looking for an experienced industrial Project Coordinator with experience handling subcontractors, managing projects, assisting on technical presentations, estimating, & driving large & small plant projects to completion. We highly prefer your project coordination/mgmnt experience has been on plant floor-related projects---ie industrial HVAC, UV emissions, air quality systems, lighting, power generation, etc. Please contact for further info. Looking to hire ASAP. Dale Tarnowski Resource Technologies, Inc. PH (612)403-1176 FAX (612)403-1178
Name: Dale Tarnowski North Carolina
Homepage: http://