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Looking for Heathkit SB-SERIES ham radio gear. Also am interested in nonoperating Ham Radio gear. [Buy]11/30/99
Contact via E-Mail
Name: dan arizona
Homepage: http://

Independent Power Producer Fighting For Fair Competition at Distribution Level [Misc]11/30/99
The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission ("FERC") is currently considering a complaint by Tennessee Power Company (Docket No. EL00-12) that Ameren is demanding excessive, unreasonable charges to interconnect and operate competitive, independent generators on its 12-kV distribution system (commonly referred to as "distributed generation"). Anyone involved in the development of distributed generation, including equipment manufacturers, should review this complaint and the issues involved. The text of the complaint may be reviewed at the web site indicated below, which has links to FERC's RIMS site where the entire docket, including comments by other entities may be viewed. Comments should reference Docket No. EL00-12 and be directed to David Boergers, Secretary, FERC, 888 First Street, NE, Washington DC 20426. Question may be directed to Michael Knauff (423)624-0852.
Name: Michael Knauff TN

Distance learning in electronic's related subjects [Misc]11/29/99
At Network 2000 we give ordinary people a chance to study for a better career at their own pace and in the comfort of their own homes. All courses are at an affordable price.
Name: UK

QMS-1, Quality Management Software [Sell]11/29/99
We offer very affordable and easy to operate Software QMS-1. Its application is control and management of quality assurance system (ISO 9000) activities. The QMS-1 facilitates the following. 1. Register and track quality documents. Print relevant registers and link register to the actual document. 2. Control of QMS: Management Reviews, Internal Audits and Improvement Action. Print relevant logs and reports. 3. Control of human resources: their skills and training needs, and print of relevant lists and reports. 4. Control of suppliers: assess them, print orderly lists of suppliers grouped under the products/services they deliver, etc. ... snip ...
Name: Lucian Nowicki Australia

SIERRACONNECTION.COM ELECTRICAL ,ELECTRONIC PARTS. FASTENERS,TOOLS ,AND THERE RELATED WIRING SUPPLIES!EMAILRD@SIERRACONNECTION.COM **Cable Ties!! is a stocking distributor of cable ties in sizes 4" through 32" in Natural, Colored, Standard, Mounting, Releasable, ID Tag and Tag Cable Ties, Clamps, Mounts and Application Tools **8" Natural Nylon 75lb Cable Ties **7.5 NATURAL 6/6 NYLON 50LB NATURAL MFG.. THOMAS & BETTS USD$75.00 PER CASE-10,000 IN CASE PKGS1000BAGS =..75/C,7.50/M ORDER NOW EMAILRD@SIERRACONNECTION.COM ** AUVECO PRODUCTS Fastener Line "Since 1916" ... snip ...

The only condition is that you start at a certain webpage.That particular startpage is very useful and lists most of the major search engines. Earn from unlimited referrals who join at your start page. Signup at: Sincerely, Arthur Linton
Name: Arthur FL

KDA Electronics [Sell]11/26/99
Hello, Anyone interested in car audio equipment at the very best price on brand name stereo`s and amps... I carry Kenwood,Alpine,Blaupunkt,Crunch as well as many others... Feel free to email on a price quote on anything you want...I also have great deals on Sub-woofers...
Name: Jim Illinois

problem with analysis? [Misc]11/26/99
hello, this is what I have. I tried to find the current and voltages at every node and I was not successful. I tried to find a relationship to find the current and I did not find one. any clues? any Idea of how to do this using hand analysis? at least I know that the PMOS transistor is in saturation. both NMOS and PMOS (enhancement mode devices) have the same device device transconductance and the same size. ___ 5V | | / / R=25K / | | |__V0? ___| | 0V__| NMOS |__ | | | __ V1? | ___| | -4V___| PMOS |__ | | | _|_ -5V thanks
Name: Gilbert New York
Homepage: http://

Wanted: Part for VCR [Buy]11/22/99
If anyone has the front pushbutton panel for a Realistic VCR, model number 16-504, please get back to me! Thanks!
Name: Tyrone Park Newfoundland, Canada
Homepage: http://

Sales Manager seeks new legitimate opportunties [Sell]11/17/99
Sales Manager,28 years of outside sales experience is seeking a new legitimate opportunties. I have worked in the food, chemcial and steel industries. I prefer too work in the Northern California area.You may review my resume at this site Thanks for reading my message, hope too hear from you shortly. Thanks Michael Butler Tel#707-747-6926 E-Mail
Name: Michael Butler California

I'm told that versions 4 & 5 of ELECTRONICS WORKBENCH are out of production and no longer available. Does anyone out there have a copy of: EWB ver 4. (pref.)for WINDOWS 3.1 which I could buy. Any reasonable offers. Please e-mail me at: (UK/Rep. of Ire. sites please copy)
Name: Eugene Flanagan uk
Homepage: http://

start up web company needs quality people [Sell]11/14/99
We are currently starting a company that will design and operate a web site which we believe will become the "community" site for the metalworking machine tool industry. If you have experience in this field, please contact us ASAP.
Name: Doug Watkoski MI
Homepage: http://

Anew cylinder head design for forstroke engines. Fewer parts, more efficiency,lower costs of production. Check it out
Name: Beare Technology AUSTRALIA

IC TCA 280 A [Buy]11/12/99
Hallo, can anybody offer an IC TCA 280A ? Or do You know, whether IC TCA 280B can be used alternatively? Thanks for your information, Hansjoerg Weis
Name: H. Weis Germany
Homepage: http://

Photos of working people in industry [Misc]11/11/99
M e n @ W o r k , new photos on The industrious Dutch photographed by Rob Huibers in Men@Work. From heavy industry to internet provider. Color.
Name: Rob Huibers Netherlands

Online Calibration [Misc]11/10/99
Corvib has introduced online calibration of Equotip, RockwellC, B Hardness Testers. As part of product support, we have developed an online program that enables instrument customers to calibrate instruments online and have the data maintained in a database for retreival at any time. This is ideal for adherence to quality programs where the instrument supplier is taking the initiative to ensure that the product sold is not only compliant, but also that a method of certifying, reporting and structuring the test frequencies are automated. We look forward to comments as to additional calibration modules we could develope.
Name: Bill Nadeau Ontario Canada

Light Sensitive Switch [Sell]11/10/99
I am designing a light and would like to set it up so it has two "on" settings. One that is connected to a photo sensitive resistor, (meaning that I would like it to go on automatically when there is low light conditions) but I understand that a circuit is required to do this. Can anyone direct me to a distributor (web site) that can supply me with this type of part. Please reply to my personal mailbox. thanks Jeff
Name: Jeff Sokalski Cnanda
Homepage: http://

immediate needs of Polarized lens (unfinished) (CORRECTED email) [Buy]11/01/99
We are a sunglass manufacturer in China and have an immediate need of purchasing unfinished Polarized lens for 10,000 or more pairs of sunglasses. Please provide detailed specification, pricing and date-ready information. Thanks. PS: the right email address should be Sorry for the duplication
Name: Wei CA
Homepage: http://

immediate needs of Polarized lens (unfinished) [Buy]11/01/99
We are a sunglass manufacturer in China and have an immediate need of purchasing unfinished Polarized lens for 10,000 or more pairs of sunglasses. Please provide detailed specification, pricing and date-ready information. Thanks.
Name: Wei CA
Homepage: http://

sponsor for development of an welding converter [Misc]11/01/99
I search for the sponsor for development of an industrial welding converter on a direct current up to 250 amperes, which one is intended for a hand-held arc welding. The current control of an arc, overheating protection is envisioned. Welder mass - up to 16 kgs. An external characteristic is switched: rigid or steeply dipping (accordingly for carbon dioxide or hand-held / argon-arc welding).
Name: Leonid Krivega 380 (Ukraine)
Homepage: http://

sale of the welding converter circuit diagram [Sell]11/01/99
I shall sell a circuit diagram of a portative welder, which one is fulfilled on the basis of a resonance transistor converter with parameters: a conversion frequency 20 kilohertz, no-load voltage 60 volts, stabilized direct current up to 100 amperes, external characteristic - steeply dipping. The welder is intended for a hand-held / argon-arc welding. There is an operating experimental prototype.
Name: Leonid Krivega 380 (Ukraine)
Homepage: http://

TUBES AVAILABLE I currently have over 300,000 tubes in stock. Have a good selection of both new and used/tested tubes for audio, CB & HAM radio, TV, CRT use. Sorry I do not have a Web Site nor a price list. Suggest that you Email or Fax me with the tubes that you are looking for along with the quantify of each needed. I will check my inventory and advise you of current availability and cost. In addition, I also have a very good selection of tube testers, tube caddies and good used CB/HAM equipment. Please contact me regarding you needs. Thank you for your consideration. Richard Hale THE TUBE MAN 902 Lothian Dr. Tallahassee, FL. 32312 850 386-2729-Phone 850 386-2560-Fax
Homepage: http://

FS: 800 Amp Fuses [Sell]11/01/99
NEW Gould Shawnut 'Amptrap' #A4BY800 Form 480--800 AMP fuses Extremely heavy duty<< Each fuse is a class L with interrupting rating 200,000 amps. These large amp fuses currenty sell for over $150 each. Now is the time to stock up and save a lot of money-approximately 120 each available. IF anyone is intereted in buying to entire lot for one price please Email me at:
Name: Richard Hale Florida
Homepage: http://

south african wiremans license [Misc]10/29/99
hi i hope someone can help i am looking for a S.A. wiremans license i am a qualified electrician but do not have a license that i need for the job of my dreams. if someone can get me one it would only be used for admin purposes in the hope of getting this great job and nothing else. i can be contacted at thank you in advance
Name: craig harrison south africa
Homepage: http://

Selling Patent and Rights [Sell]10/28/99 my innovations. Unique and original designs. = A MIG welding gun nozzle-cleaner. = A MIG welding gun tip extractor/inserter. Includes a good startup stock of product, assembly parts and raw materials. Excellent opportunity for someone.
Name: Michael Way Kansas
Homepage: http://

Need a JOB [Misc]10/28/99
Have some spare time next period. So if you have to solve staffing problems, you can hire me in as your Inspector/Expeditor or your Procurement Manager for a period of time. Look at my page for a moment;
Name: Leo van Veggel Netherlands

We buy new,used,rebuilt and even junk equipment. [Sell]10/27/99
valves-pumps-gear reducers-electric motors-starters-breakers-pipe and fittings-vacuum pumps-steam turbines- hydraulic pumps-a/c and refrigeration compressors.We buy all types industrial equipment including surplus bearings.901-836-0420
Name: Malcolm Moore Tennessee
Homepage: http://

Metal Stamping Job Shop [Misc]10/25/99
We are a Quality Minded Metal Stamping Job Shop with a Full Service Tool & Die Department to service all your Manufacturing needs from Prototype to Production.
Name: Nevada Metalworks NV

Tool and Die Maker Wanted [Misc]10/24/99
Fine Components, precision stamping company based in Singapore is looking for tool and die designe/maker. For those who are interested please forward your resume and job references to the above email address.
Name: Michael Huang singapore
Homepage: http://

Traing aids [Misc]10/23/99
US Army Explosive Ordnance Disposial unit out of New Mexico is looking for sensor devices and "Booby trap" fuzing ideals that are of non manufactured design. Our unit mission is disarming WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) and need new ideals to help expand of training. If you can offer any help, please email at the above address.
Name: SSG John Gray US
Homepage: http://

Technical Training [Sell]10/22/99
R.O. Associates, is a consulting engineering firm dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of electrical power problems. We provide quick and affordable services for specific problems, and college accredited training on power problem subjects such as Grounding, Transient Overvoltage, Lighting Protection, Harmonic Distortion, Radio Frequency Interference, RF Emissions Safety, and others. Please call 800-882-9110 with questions about our services and visit our website at
Name: Laura Kadetz Idaho

Sales Manager seeks new outside Position in Calif. [Sell]10/21/99
Sales Manager seeks a new outside Sales Position,preferably in the No. California area. I have experience in the following industries-Food, Chemica, Steel and as a Mfg Rep. You may review my resume at this Please give me a call. Thank You Michael Butler E-Mail Tel# 707-747-6926
Name: Michael Butler California

Free development [Misc]10/20/99
Startup company offers to undertake "free of charge", a study of a mixed hardware/software system in: - Telecommunications - Embedded electronics - Signal processing - Data acquisition For you, the bonus is the cost! For us, it's a way to make sure the poject fulfils a market requirement. In return, we retain the intellectual rights to the product. Sounds good to you? Submit your project to us, and we will examine it closely, in complete confidence. We will take on the project that has the most technical interest and the best commercial potential. In view of our available resources, this project should not require more than one man-year. If our ambitions and yours coincide, please feel free to contact us: To find out more, please check out our career profiles and summaries of past projects:
Name: CATROS Vincent France/Ireland

Senior RF Engineer Wanted [Misc]10/19/99
Seimac Limited, in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada, is seeking a Senior RF Engineer to join their expanding product design team. Candidates should have an engineering degree and at least 10 years of radio design experience. Candidates should be comfortable designing transmitters, receivers and antennas at VHF, UHF and L Band frequencies. We offer a fast paced, challenging team work environment. Seimac Limited has been in business for over 20 years and has experienced significant growth in the last 2 years. The company offers a full benefits package, competitive salaries and a performance incentive program. Please send resumes in confidence to: Lianne Landry, Human Resources Seimac Limited 271 Brownlow Ave., Dart. NS B3B 1W6 FAX: 902-468-3009 email:
Name: Seimac Ltd Nova Scotia Canada

Services for PC & Related [Misc]10/16/99
If you stay in Penang, Malaysia I may help you in the following areas 1. Hardware fails to work 2. Software corrupted 3. Internet related areas 4. Network failure 5. Need to setup network for your workplace 6. Need to setup Email Server for your workplace 7. Need a File Backup solution for your workplace 8. Need to setup NT Servers for whatever purposes 9. Network Sharing Access to internet with only one modem 10. Any other areas, you name it. Email me or phone me at 06-4570 838
Name: Cornelius Chu Penang, Malaysia
Homepage: http://

Bearing Condition Monitoring [Misc]10/16/99
All Maintenance Managers, Financial Managers, Premaco carry out Predictive maintenance routines for industry. Premaco will save your company money by predicting bearing failures long before they become catastrophic. For more details contact myself or visit our web site below. Regards Barry
Name: Barry Whittles UK

Agent Wanted (Sprue Picker/Robot/Conveyor Belt) [Misc]10/15/99
We are a professional manufacturer of Take-Out Robot/Sprue Picker Conveyor Belt what are the auxiliary equipment for plastic injection molding industry. We are now looking for the companies who are familiar to plastic injection molding field to represent/re-sell our products in the particular markets as an agent -ship. Please feel free to contact us if you are serious to this business. Autotex Machinery Co Ltd Jason Lee/Manager Fax:+886 2-29182654
Name: Autotex Machinery Co Ltd Taiwan

looking for investors for new invention to prevent flood damage on homes in the low lying areas of florida and other states. [Misc]10/14/99
Hello all, my name is jesse, my mother has a patent to an invention which will prevent any and all water from entering from the exterior of the home during a flood, she is in need of investors or factorys/companies that can help produce or market this product, any or all information is much appreciated, thank you and have a good day..... jesse blagg 727-862-2390
Name: jesse blagg florida
Homepage: http://

Information about Micro Moulding [Misc]10/14/99
Hi all, I am a student of CUHK,recently I have a project about Micro-Moulding,however I haven't enough information about this technology.I'm glad if someone can tell me more or have information about the technology.Thanks alot! ^.^ Yuen
Name: Yuen HongKong
Homepage: http://

Sales Rep Wanted [Misc]10/14/99
We are a 20 yr old company which provides a full service precision CNC machining and manufacturing service. We require a sharp sales rep. with OEM contacts to help us expand our customer base. If you can be of assistance please E-mail, or call (847)419-1553 for further discussion.
Name: Mike Bakaturski Illinois

Draft angles on STL Models [Misc]10/14/99
TNO Industitute of Industrial Technology developed the TNO STL Draftangulator(tm) software. This software is available for FREE and without any conditions. The TNO STL Draftangulator enables the user to design and manufacture high quality moulds by using the STL file of the product. It should be seen as the basis of a new generation of rapid tooling software. Order a copy of the CD at our homepage.
Name: Jeroen van den Hout the Netherlands

Cutting tool sales [Misc]10/13/99
We are the first "Internet Only" source for carbide cutting tools. We supply insert, carbide end mills, and holders. Will be adding the complete TaeguTec milling line later this month.
Name: Carbide Cutting Tools IL

FS IBM token ring adapters [Sell]10/13/99
I have ove 70 IBM ISA token ring adapters for sale. BEST OFFER. Reply to:
Name: Ilan Justh calif.
Homepage: http://

Screw machine (small) [Buy]10/12/99
i am considering the purchase of a small bar turning automatic lathe . bar capacity 1 inch to cut aluminum and plastic. needs to have six station turret, cutoff, and 5000 rpm.
Name: Eric Price IL
Homepage: http://

Post/view your ads at free [Sell]10/09/99 is an online market place for used/new equipment. You can post/view online ads at free. And also check out our resource center and freeMart collections for related information.
Name: TX
Homepage: The site Stanley does NOT want you to see!! [Misc]10/08/99 is an indepth expose' of the shady dealings of the American corporate icon, The Stanley Works. Thousands of hits from all over have have exceeded expectations and it just keeps growing. Come check this site out and see what the readers think of it! Thanks!
Name: Phil McNeil Alberta, Canada

Reverse Engineering [Sell]10/08/99
If you have a product for which you do not have CAD data, I may be able to help. I have 12 years of professional experience in PCB layout design and schematic capture work. Based on only one sample of the product in question, I can provide you with schematics, PCB layout CAD files (including Gerber files) and a complete set of datasheets. This way you may regain the ability to make modifications to improve your product or update obsolete parts.
Name: Anthony Georgia
Homepage: http://

Wanted - Your Company [Misc]10/08/99
Dear Owners, Are you in the process of executing a retirement plan or want to sell your company assets in part or whole? Or your are looking for funds to expand your facility? We can help. We are Mergers and Acquisition specialists. Our specialty including company valuation, corporate finance and M&A services. We help public or privately held companies to engage all kinds of corporate finance activities. Established companies with at least 5 million USD sales, please. US based companies preferred. WEB URL: Phone 1-201-567-4579
Name: Jack Wan NJ

Access to semiconductor statistics [Buy]10/08/99
Dear all, We are economics research group in King's College, London University. We have a research project that involves modelling semiconductor life cycles. Data required are as follow. Monthly semiconductor markets by region and product which include MOS Memory (DRAM, SRAM, Flash, etc.) and CPU. I believe the Blue Book that published by WSTS provides those information. However, unfortunately, the Blue Book is only available to WSTS's industry members. Therefore, I am wondering if anyone could provide access to this. With best regards and many thanks, Daw Ma
Name: Daw Ma UK
Homepage: http://

need Material [Buy]10/07/99
I require for my students 25 ft of 1/2 inch octagon, water hardening (W1) tool steel. We forge chisels from this stock. I used to purchase it from Recto-Alloy, Elk Grove, Ill but they claim now that no one manufactures this product. Anyone know of a source? thanks, Jim
Name: Jim MI
Homepage: http://

Looking for stainless steel shells [Buy]10/07/99
I am looking for some stainless steel shells, about .2" in diameter. Length could be anyhere from 3/4" to 2-3". This is to enclose a temperature sensor to protect it. Thanks for any help.
Name: Mike McWhinney
Homepage: http://

Clothing ,Canned Food [Sell]10/06/99
We are an import export and trading company in Thailand. We export clothing,mostly Polo Shirts,T Shirts ,Canned Foods anywhere in the world. If anybody needs these goods or any other goods from Thailand please feel free to contact me.
Name: Andre Van Zyl Thailand
Homepage: http://

out of print book [Buy]10/05/99
Looking for a used copy of Metal Finishing Industry by Arnett Anyone have a copy for sale or knows of dealers of this type of material no luck online thanks pls email me directly
Name: Jim Leftwich NY

Welding Helmets & Mig-it Welding Shields Close to 1/2 price! [Sell]10/05/99
We have a supply of "Hands Free" "Chin Operated" welding helmets and Mig-It sheilds that have been discontinued by a major automotive tool truck distributor. You can save almost half by mentioning this ad. You can see the items on our website:
Name: Roland Shafer NE

Best trade and business resources [Misc]10/04/99
Please visit no one web trader.The largest trade and business resource center. If you are buyers,sellers we have 3 bulletin boards and a lot of directories,search engine,trade,business
Name: fadel CANADA

Underwater Paintings [Misc]10/02/99
This posting may not be exactly what this bulletin board is about, but you may be interested. Barry Pearson works offshore as a ROV pilot. He also produces paintings of underwater scenes, mostly industrial, featuring both divers and ROVs. He calls these pictures underwatercolour and a selection have been posted on my website. Use the URL below then select the paintings link, I am sure you will be impressed.
Name: Derek MacKay UK

FM Bug and Transmitter [Misc]10/01/99
I am working on an electronics project which requires me to build a bug (like the one in spy movies) and an Fm transmitter for it. I am just learning electronics. could anyone send me the plans for the above by email?
Name: Shaunak Agarkhedkar India
Homepage: http://