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Subject: Looking for a challenging career in Embedded Systems programming and design

Date: 06/11/03 at 6:56 AM
Posted by: Sudheer Kokilavani
E-mail: samkokila@yahoo.com
Message Posted:

Sudheer KS
Plot #33, CIEFL colony,East Anand Bagh, Malkajgiri
Hyderabad - 500047
Mobile: 98490-44052 sudheer_ks9@yahoo.com

Project Leader - Software

Project Management / Design & Implementation / Six sigma Philosophy / New Product Introduction / Quality / Product Ownership

A results oriented engineering professional with 7 + years working experience in Design, Development, & Implementation of Software systems and Embedded Systems. Proven abilities in strategic planning, leading full life cycle projects with all phases Expansive thinker with outstanding record of achievements implementing new business concepts, delivering innovative design solutions, and risk management alternatives.


GE INDIA BUSINESS CENTER Pvt. Ltd, Secunderabad, India. 1999 - Present

Project Leader - Software
Joined GE IBC as a Senior Software Engineer, after valuable contributions to the business got promoted, as Project Leader - Software. GE IBC is a design center as part of GE Industrial systems, Plainville, CT, USA. GE IBC provides Engineering & Software services in the fields of Technology, Product design, Quality, Innovation, Manufacturing, Requisition and Sourcing to GE Industrial systems.
Job Profile
- Delivered diverse projects for GE Power Management, Markham, CANADA
- Product ownership for ALPS, LPS, LPSO and DGP PC Applications
-Project leader responsible for executing full life cycle projects.
-Innovation SPOC supporting team members in Invention Disclosures.
-Led Quality team that contributed for Project Knowledge base for Software at Organization level.
CeeYes Networking Technologies, Secunderabad, India. 1998

Individual contributor - Software
Joined CeeYes as a Software Engineer. CeeYes was a sister concern for Holontech Inc., San Jose, CA USA primarily developing firmware for Layer 2 and Layer 3 switches for NEC America.
Job Profile
- Delivered POST for PIONEER the layer 2 Ethernet switch.

Defense Electronics Research Laboratories, Hyderabad, India. 1993 - 1995 and 1997

Software Developer - on contract
Joined DLRL as a contractor to work on high frequency Jammer station project as part of SAMYUKTA initiative of Department of Defence, Govt. of India.
Job Profile
- Worked on Transmitter Control Unit of HF Jammer station.

Regional Engineering College, Warangal
Master of Technology in Electronic Instrumentation (1997)
Kakatiya University, Warangal
Bachelor of Technology in Electronics & Instrumentation (1993)
- Excellent Project Management and Leadership Skills
-Strong Six sigma skills.
-High energy, self-directed and result oriented.
-Able to energize others & Decisive.
-Planning & execution.
-Passion for Learning
-Excellent communication skills and professional demeanor gained through extensive interaction with North American customers & counterpart.

- Awarded GE stock options for outstanding contributions made.
- Certified as a DFSS Green belt in Six-sigma philosophy by GE Industrial system.
- Conducted Session -T in GE IBC.
- Filed a patent disclosure on Simulation of AC Test Set

Trainings Attended
TRIZ- A Russian technique for inventive problem solving at IIT Bombay, Leader ship essentials, Communication skills, Creative thinking, Project management, Time management, Six sigma - DFSS/DMAIC, New Product introduction, Workshop on Software Inspections, Managers as Leaders, Critical Human Skills for Project Management.

Projects Executed

Title: Advanced Line Protection System (ALPS) PC Software (2002 - 2003)
Customer: GE Power Management, Markham CANADA

Project Description: ALPS PC Software is a configuration tool to make ALPS relay ready for commissioning. ALPS PC Software consists of three essential modules viz., Link, SET and Xpression Builder.

The ALPS-Link software facilitates various operations with the data from the relay formatted for easy viewing. The link software has the capability of opening a dialog session for a remote device through a dial-up modem or directly over a serial link. The software uses the GE Modem communications protocol to operate the relay remotely.

Xpression builder, The ALPS relay has been designed to allow flexibility in the operation of contact converter inputs and contact outputs. The inputs and outputs are not hard-wired to any function; the functions of each input and output are defined by a software file, which is downloaded to the relay as a part of each setting group. The software file represents the linkage between the contact converters, internally generated protection flags, and contact outputs; it contains information regarding the logical relationships among each entity.

The ALPS- Set program either reads the settings from an input file or creates new settings with the "default" factory values. When changes are made to settings, the new settings can be stored in an output file specified by the user. The output file produced by this program can be then downloaded to the ALPS relay using ALPS Link software.

In addition to the main modules, this integrated software has some more features such as:
* Firmware Download utility to enable the customer to upgrade his relay as and when the firmware upgrades are made available.
* Oscillography viewer to enable user to view the Oscillography files generated and stored in the relay at any fault conditions to diagnose the fault.
* Osc to COMTRADE/DAFF conversion utility to enable user to convert the native Oscillography files to standard formats such as COMTRADE or DAFF.
* Communication statistics window to monitor the serial port data.

Software, Tools and Methodologies:

- MFC, VC++.
- Roguewave Stingray studio libraries.
- Quinn Curtis graphics Libraries.
- DFSS for Software.
- Silk Test for test automation.
- Quickplace for collaboration.
- E-Project and PS8 for scheduling and tracking.
- PVCS for configuration Management.
- Exception database for defect tracking.

My Contribution:

* Lead the project with team size of five (three Developers, one Test engineer and one Application engineer)
* Planning, Estimation, Scheduling, Tracking and Delivery

Title: PCSim -A virtual relay with built-in AC test kit (2000 -2001)
Customer: GE Power Management, Markham, CANADA

Project Description: The PCSim is a Virtual Relay. It emulates the behavior of the Universal Relay( in a virtual hardware environment simulated under Microsoft( Windows on PC. It has the following features:

* A Window that shows the front panel display. The settings, actual values, and keypad behave exactly as they do in actual Universal Relay.

* A Window that shows the state of all LEDs and the Reset and User keys.

* A setup window that allows virtual cards to be installed in the virtual black plane.

* A virtual AC Test set through which user can inject currents/voltages and various fault conditions in to the virtual DSP card.

* A scripting facility that allows unit testing for protection elements.

Software, Tools and Methodologies:

- C++, MFC, VC++.
- DFSS for Software.
- Quickplace for collaboration.
- E-Project and PS8 for scheduling and tracking.
- VSS for configuration Management.
- Exception database for defect tracking.

My Contribution:

* Lead the project with team size of four (two Developers, one Test engineer and one Application engineer)
* Planning, Estimation, Scheduling, Tracking and Delivery

Other Contributions made to GE Power Management, Markham

- Leading Application Engineers team of size two contributing in application testing of SR 745, 369, RRTD, ALPS, DGP and FBW systems.
- Firmware development for Generator Differential and Over frequency protection elements in UR G60 relay.
- Solution provided to the UR pin bent problem by coordinating with a team of mechanical engineers.

Title: Visual State Logic - State Engine Executive ( 1999 - 2000)
Customer: GE Fanuc Automation, Charlottesville, VA, USA.

Project Description: GE Fanuc manufactures a family of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) called Series 90-30 and Series 90-70.

The application provides a State Logic development environment to script, compile, and download the PLC control programs into the EPROM of CPU in the PLC. State Logic is based on Finite State Theory. Any process is composed of a sequence of tasks that can be identified and subdivided into a series of States. State Logic Programs are written in simple native natural language, restricted to the English Alphabet and any other natural language that is similar to the English language. This program is compiled and binary is generated which is downloaded into the CPU of the PLC. The project is divided in to four modules as:

Integrated development Environment

The User creates the state logic program, defines the variables and keywords and finally does compiling and download operations to store the program in the device.

After the compilation state logic program is converted in to an intermediate form called the PSM format. This PSM format is parsed and is converted in to a 'C' program. This program is compiled and linked to obtain a final binary executable.

State Engine executive
The State Engine Executive (SEE), the wrapper to operating system, for GE Fanuc PLCs. This will administer the PLC apart from executing the state logic program. The SEE is responsible for the executing the logic. It performs a predetermined set of iterations also called as sweeps, for every scan of the program during execution.

Program Debugger

The values of the variables configured in the state logic program can be viewed through the program debugger. Debugger also provides features to change the values of the program variables and I/O variables.

Software, Tools and Methodologies:

- C, C++, MFC, VC++.
- C-Tool Kit For GE Fanuc series 90-30(r), series 90-70(r) Programmable Logic Controllers.
- Cimplicity(r) Control, Cimplicity(r) HMI and Versapro(r)..
- VSS for configuration Management.

My Contribution:

* Lead the state engine executive module with team size of four.
* Contributed in design and development of state engine executive.

Other Contributions made at GE - India business Center

* Training of new joinees and GETs on processes.

* Took up rural school project as part of ELFUN - community service wing of GE and imparted computer education to students and staff of the rural school.

* Training of project leads on TRIZ
* .
* Took initiative to automate the conference hall booking process.
* Started focus groups and discussion forums through collaboration tools such as support central.

Title: PIONEER- The Ethernet Switch.
Customer: NEC America

Project Description: This is a MIPS R4560 (RISC Processor) based system. This is a 24-port Ethernet switch. Hardware wise, this system consists of two parts :

A CPU card
A switch Engine.

The CPU card consists mainly of 8MB DRAM, 2MB Flash Memory, 512KB EEPROM, two serial ports, one year-2000 compliant Real-time clock with 2KB of Non-Volatile RAM, and solid-state Temperature sensors.

The switch engine consists of all switching fabric, which performs basic switching. These devices include Address Translation Caches etc.,

Software, Tools and Methodologies:

Tornado(r) Development Environment for Vx Works(r)

My Contribution:

Power On Self Test for this board. This software tests the devices on CPU card and Switch Engine at power-up. The whole software was developed in C.

Title: Transmitter Control Unit (TCU) - Samyukta.
Customer: Defense Electronics Research Laboratory, Hyderabad.

Project Description: This is an Intel 80386 based Real-time embedded system. This is a dedicated controller to carry out jammer station's primary operation of jamming. It controls the various subsystems such as Frequency Synthesizer, Exciter, Power Amplifier, Signal Distribution Unit, Antenna Switching Unit and Antenna Tuning Unit in an uninterrupted manner throughout the jamming operations.

Software, Tools and Methodologies:

C and Intel 80x86 Assembly
Intel IC 386 complier, ASM 86
GPIB Interface cards

My Contribution:

Initialization routines for UART, System Testing.

Other projects worked:
- Operator Post console.
- Distributed Data Acquisition System Using Industrial PC.
- Controller card for MC 12210 Frequency Synthesizer Fan redesign.
- PC Based PID Temperature controller.

Personal Details:

Father's Name
Date of birth
Address for correspondence
Plot #33 CIEFL Colony, East Anand Bagh, Malkajgiri, Hyderabad - 500 047

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