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Subject: Seeking chemical process engineer position in printed circuit fabrication

Date: 03/15/02 at 6:24 PM
Posted by: Sandy Kumar
E-mail: snkiyer@hotmail.com
Message Posted:

SUNDARAM (SANDY) KUMAR, Ph.D. (Materials Science)
1735 Norwell Lane, Schaumburg, IL 60193
Phone: (847)895-1848, (949)922-7464 (cell).
Email: snkiyer@hotmail.com


1. Over 15 years of hands-on experience in wet process engineering (plating, etching, surface treatments), process control and manufacturing related to advanced printed circuits and semiconductor devices.
2. Extensive experience in the process development of fine line multilayer printed circuit manufacturing with Teflon, Polyimide, FR4 and TMM dielectrics, semiconductor devices and advanced metal-ceramic composites.
3. Extensive experience in setting up and operating chemical and cross section lab related to printed circuit manufacturing and semiconductor devices.
4. Automation of chemical process control and monitoring used in thin film fabrication technologies involving electroplating, electroless and immersion plating, surface modification, etching and photolithography operations.
5. Failure analysis, Statistical process control, Process trouble shoot, FMEA and Six-sigma process control.
6. DOE for printed circuit process development.
7. Technical documentation of manufacturing processes for ISO certification.


1. Ph.D. (Materials Science). Thin Film Solid State Technology Laboratory, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), New Delhi, India.
2. M.S. (Physical Chemistry). Kurukshetra University, India.


1. Set up fully equipped materials labs and wet process lines for plating, etching and surface treatments related to printed circuit board manufacturing and semiconductor devices. Process lines include plating of copper (electroless and pulse plating), nickel (electroless and electrolytic), gold (immersion, electroless and electrolytic), hard tab gold, immersion silver, tin-lead and plating on aluminium (aluminium/Teflon/copper) with blind via used in the manufacture of high density interconnects.
2. Installed magnetron-sputtering unit for copper plating of blind vias in aluminum backed copper clad Teflon panels and set up electrical testing system to measure via resistance.
3. Set up fully automated process control systems (chemistry, liquid level, temperature, pH and conductivity) of pulse copper electroplating, and photolithography (preclean and dry film/soldermask developer) lines, used in the manufacture of high-resolution printed circuits.
4. Design of experiments for materials processing issues related to interconnect and semiconductor devices.
5. Developed novel manufacturing processes used in the fabrication of multilayer high density interconnects and high frequency microwave circuits: High precision photolithography, Electroless plating and multilayer bonding steps for Teflon based circuits.
6. Developed a grid biased electron beam dielectric deposition process to deposit aluminum oxide films on passivated III-V semiconductor wafers. This resulted in a large improvement of the capacitance-voltage characteristics of the fabricated MOS devices.


03/01 – 03/02
Price Printed Circuits, Inc. Elgin, IL 60123
Wet Process Engineering Lead. Responsibilities:
1. Installed various wet process lines and the chemical lab from the very initial stages.
2. Selected vendors of appropriate chemistries and verified their process capabilities to produce 2 mil line and spacing circuits, blind and buried microvia with Teflon, polyimide, TMM and FR4 materials.
3. Trouble shoot wet process operations on a daily basis.
4. Process control of all chemical operations including safety, waste treatment and water quality.
5. Process documentation.

06/00 – 03/01
Amitron Corporation, Elk Grove Village, IL 60007.
VP Chemical Technology. Responsibilities:
1. Process control of all chemical processes used in the manufacture of multilayer circuits.
2. Manage chemical and cross sectioning lab.
3. Failure analysis and process trouble shoot.
4. Set-up and implement DOEs for manufacturing processes in plating, etching, lithography and drilling.
5. Resolve technical issues with customers.

07/98 – 05/00
Honeywell, Electronic Materials Division, Costa Mesa, CA 92626.
Senior Process Engineer. Responsibilities:
1. Set up fully automated chemical control systems for wet process control operations of photolithography (preclean and dry film / solder mask developing lines) and pulse copper plating lines for producing multilayer ball grid array (MLBGA) chip packaging interconnects. These systems were remotely monitored and controlled for chemistry, pH, conductivity, liquid level and solution temperature. Daily SPC of all these processes.
2. Optimized anode configuration for plating thickness uniformity during pulse copper plating in the ball grid array fabrication.
3. Statistical process control, Six Sigma quality and process trouble shoot of wet processes.

02/94 – 06/98
Filtran Microcircuits Inc. (ISO 9002 registered, wholly owned Canadian subsidiary of Merrimac Industries, manufacturing high resolution, space qualified multilayer microwave circuits), Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
R&D Manager. Responsibilities included (a) managing the chemical, cross-section and materials testing lab and (b) R&D work on the following processes used in the manufacture of high precision circuits:
1. Technology to plate blind vias in copper/Teflon/aluminum backed (heat sink) circuits.
2. Electroless nickel and gold on isolated lands for FR4, Teflon, TMM and polyimide dielectrics.
3. Electroplating of copper, nickel, gold and tin-lead.
4. Plating on aluminum with blind vias.
5. Bonding condition optimization for making multilayer circuits with Teflon based dielectrics.
6. Direct and selective metallization of through holes and blind vias for Teflon composites, ceramics and fibreglass based circuits.
7. Photolithography (liquid and dry film), with accuracy comparable to that in semiconductor device fabrication.
8. Laser machining of microwave circuits.

03/90 – 02/94
Ceramics Kingston Inc., Kingston, Ontario, Canada (stationed at Institute for Aerospace Research, National Research Council, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada).
Senior Process Scientist. Responsibilities:
1. Developed ceramic and metal matrix composites (silicon carbide whisker reinforced silicon nitride and titanium aluminide) for aerospace applications. Used hot isostatic pressing, sol-gel and high temperature synthesis methods.
2. Characterised above composites by XPS, TEM, SEM and XRD techniques.
3. Mechanical testing, fracture toughness and cross-section analyses of above composites.
4. Developed polysiloxane coatings for materials protection in “low earth orbit (LEO)” atmosphere. Characterised these coatings under LEO space conditions for mechanical, structural and optical properties.

07/85 – 03/90
Research Associate of CNRS, France (Stationed at National Institute of Applied Sciences, Lyons and Ecole Centrale de Lyon, Lyons, France.
Worked on:
1. Rapid thermal annealing of ion implanted silicon. Detailed characterization of doped junctions using XPS, AES, SIMS, and RBS and modelling of dopant distribution.
2. Laser beam induced current for grain boundary characterisation of polysilicon.
3. Electrochemical synthesis and XPS/AES micro structural characterisation of conducting polyaniline films.
4. Routine use of various surface and microstructural characterization techniques like TEM, SEM, Auger electron spectroscopy, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction, SIMS, Rutherford backscattering, spectrophotometry (UV, VIS, IR) and DLTS.
5. Developed photon-induced deposition (writing) process for depositing metal patterns on insulator-on-semiconductor substrates. This method used the electrochemical deposition of metals by localized photo excitation of electrons.
6. Developed a grid biased electron beam dielectric deposition process to deposit aluminum oxide films on electrochemically (arsenic) passivated indium phosphide wafers. This resulted in a large improvement of the capacitance-voltage characteristics of the fabricated MOS devices.
7. Various thin film deposition and patterning methods like electroplating, electroless plating, PVD, CVD, sputtering, e-beam deposition, photolithography, electrochemical and electroless deposition techniques.



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