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Subject: Looking for scientist or engineer position in thin film technology

Date: 03/12/02 at 12:04 PM
Posted by: Mary Sukeshini
E-mail: thumos99@yahoo.com
Message Posted:

Polyplus Battery Company, 2431 Suite B, Fifth Street, Berkeley, CA 94710
Tel: 510- 841 7242, Fax: 510-841 4313, Tel: (R)510- 666 0419
Email: msukeshini@polyplus.com
Seeking a research or engineering position where my expertise in thin film deposition, battery /fuel cell related materials synthesis and electrochemical characterization can be fully utilized for R&D in thin film technology and/or lithium / lithium-ion battery and fuel cell.

Summary of qualifications
* Effectively supervised and trained technicians in handling vacuum systems
* Led research efforts in process development and engineering of thin films by vacuum deposition method, with emphasis on rf magnetron sputtering
* Adept in preparation and characterization of solid electrolytes ranging from bulk glasses, polymers to thin films and intercalation cathodes for lithium batteries
* Successfully proposed projects for funding; recipient of several nationally and internationally competetive and coveted research awards / fellowships
* Refereed/reviewed peer manuscripts submitted to journals; published work in peer reviewed journals

Work Experience

April 2000- present
Senior Technical Staff, Polyplus Battery Company, Berkeley, CA
Vacuum Deposition of Thin films
· Installation of Sputtering Unit (MRC 8671)
· Maintenance and Trouble shooting of Sputtering unit
· Training Technicians in the Handling of Vacuum System
· Process Development and Engineering by rf Magnetron Sputtering: Lithium Phosphorous Oxynitride, LiPON (for application in rechargeable lithium batteries).
· Thermal Evaporation of Cu, Al, Sn
Characterization of Thin Films
· Topology / Composition by SEM/AFM/ ESCA
· Conductivity Measurements by Impedance Spectroscopy

Dec. 1997-Dec. 1999
STA (Science and Technology Agency) Fellow, Osaka National Research Inst., Japan
Lithium Based Layered/ Spinel Intercalation Cathodes: Synthesis and electrochemical, structural/physical characterization for lithium battery application.
· Synthesis of Li 0.8Ir0.6Fe0.6O4, LiMn2-xFexO4, CuFe2O4, CuFeO2, Li2-xMoO4Fex
· Structural and Chemical Characterization by X-ray Diffraction (The Rietveld Method) and Mössbauer Spectroscopy
· Fabrication of coin type lithium cell & evaluation of charge/discharge characteristics.

April 1996 - Nov. 1997
Research Associate, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (Nov. '96-Nov. '97)
Indian Institute of Technology, Madras (Apr. '96-Sept. '96)
Poly(ethylene) oxide based Solid Polymer Electrolytes for Application in Batteries

Oct. 1994 - Mar. 1996
MONBUSHO Scholar, Yokohama National University, Yokohama, Japan.
· Synthesis of Solid Polymer Electrolyte: PVC-DBP- LiN(CF3SO3)2 , Composites of Lithium based room temperature molten salts and Polymers
· Impedance Spectroscopy
· Dynamic Mechanical Analysis
· Fabrication of ultra microelectrode and cyclic voltammetry study

Aug. 1992-Sept. 1994
Research Associate, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras.
Solid Electrolytes for Application in Primary Solid State Batteries: Preparation, Characterization and device application of Crystalline Cu2-x AgxHgI4, and bulk glasses, CuI-Cu2O-MoO3, CuI-Ag2O-MoO3, CuI-AgPO3.

Ph.D. - Physics/ Materials Science, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, July 1992.
"Fast ion conducting CuI doped oxysalts and copper-silver iodomercurate: Transport and thermal studies".
M Sc.- Physics (Experimental Solid State), Madras University, April 1987.
B.Sc.- Physics, Madras University, April 1985.

Awards / Financial Grant For Projects Proposed
1997- 1999
· Science and Technology Agency (STA) fellow STA
Fellowship awarded by the Japan Science and Technology Corporation, Agency of Industrial Science and Technology, Ministry of International trade and Industry, Govt. of Japan.
1994- 1996
· Recipient of MONBUSHO Fellowship awarded by the Ministry of Science, Culture, Education and Sports, Govt. of Japan.
· Proposed a project titled 'Optimization of Conduction Characteristics of New Polymer Solid Electrolytes for Application in Batteries' that was sanctioned financial grant by the Department of Science and Technology (DST), Govt. of India, for projects submitted under the scheme for young scientists within six months of receipt of doctoral degree.
Research Associateship (2 yrs.), Senior (2 yrs.) and Junior (2yrs.) Research fellowships awarded by Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, Govt. of India.
Supervisory/ Teaching Skills
· Supervised and trained technicians in the handling of vacuum systems
· Supervised /guided Bachelor/Masters students with projects related to the investigation of solid electrolytes.
· Instructor- Physics laboratory classes for Ist year B.Tech. students.
· Handling tutorial classes for M.Sc. students.
· Developing algorithm for computer simulation experiments for Ist year B.Tech. laboratory classes.

Professional Affiliations
1.American Vacuum Society
2. Electrochemical Society
3. International Society for Solid State Ionics
4. American Physical Society

Invention disclosures
Protection of Lithium using thin CO2 underlayers, Jan. 2002, Eugene S. Nimon, Mary Sukeshini and Steven J. Visco

Select Recent Presentations at International Conf./ Meetings
· Effect of surface glass coating on stability of Li deposit in contact with polysulphide solutions and PEO-based electrolyte, Eugene S. Nimon, Mary Sukeshini, Steven J. Visco; to be presented at the 11th International Meeting on Li Battery, Monterey, California, June 23-28, 2002.

· 'Relationship between Electrochemical properties and structure of Lithium Molybdenum Oxides', Hironori Kobayashi, Mitsuharu Tabuchi, Msahiro, Shikano, A.Mary Sukeshini, Hiroyuki Kageyama, Tadashi Ishida, Hideo Nakamura, Yukata Kurioka and Ryoji Kanno, 12th Intl. Conference on solid state Ionics, Thessaloniki, Greece, June 6-12 1999, Extended abstracts, A08 pg. 50.

· 'Synthesis, Structure, and Charge/Discharge Characteristics of the Layered Oxides
Li0.8Ir0.6Fe0.6O3' Hironori Kobayashi, Y.Uebou, M. Tabuchi, H. Kageyama, A. M.
Sukeshini, Y.Yamamoto, M.Matsuoka, J. Tamaki., Meeting abstarcts, 1999 joint Intl.
Meeting of the Electrochem. Society, Honolulu, Hawaii, Oct. 17- 22, 1999. p. 178.

Select Publications in Refereed Journals
· 'Physicochemical Characterization of CuFeO2 and lithium intercalation' A.M. Sukeshini, Hironori Kobayashi, Mitsuharu Tabuchi, Hiroyuki Kageyama
Solid State Ionics , 128(2000) 33-41.

· 'Investigation of Plasticized PEO based Polymeric Electrolyte' A.M. Sukeshini, A.R. Kulkarni and A. Sharma, Solid St. Ionics 113-115 (1998) 179.

· 'Transport and Electrochemical Characterization of Plasticized Poly(vinylchloride) Solid Electrolytes' A.M. Sukeshini, A. Nishimoto and M. Watanabe, Solid St. Ionics 53-56 (1996) 385.

· 'Ionic conductivity and electrochemical characterization of plasticized polyvinylchloride membranes' A.M. Sukeshini, A. Nishimoto and M.Watanabe, Polymer Preprints 44(8)(1995) 1563.

· 'Two and three terminal impedance studies on some solid state batteries', S.A Suthanthiraraj and A.M. Sukeshini, Bull. of Electrochem. 9(5-7) (1993) 299.

· 'Structural aspects and a.c. conductivity of the solid electrolyte AgxCu2-xHgI4, A.M . Sukeshini and K. Hariharan', J. Solid St. Chem. 101 (1992)87

· 'X-ray Diffraction and Differential Scanning Calorimetry of a novel CuI-Ag2O oxysalt solid electrolyte, A.M . Sukeshini and K. Hariharan', Mat. Res. Bull. 2(1991) 87.

· 'Transport and thermal properties of the solid electrolyte AgxCu2-xHgI4, A.M. Sukeshini and K. Hariharan', J. Solid St. Commun. 78 (1991) 85

· 'Transport studies on the system xCuI+(100-X)(Cu2O+MoO3)', A.M. Sukeshini and K. Hariharan, J. Mat. Sci. Lett. 9 (1990) 554.

Language skills: Speak, read / write Japanese (Hiragana/Katakana and basic kanji-300 nos.); passed the intermediate level Japanese language examination.

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