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Subject: Re: Sr. Embedded SW Engineer

Date: 01/18/02 at 12:52 PM
Posted by: M.Sivaraman
E-mail: m_s_ram@hotmail.com
Message Posted:

In Reply to: Sr. Embedded SW Engineer posted by Scott Beach - Best@IT Inc. on 08/14/01 at 3:38 PM:

Resume of Siva Raman.M

E- mail : m_s_ram@hotmail.com
Address: Old No: 5 New No: 8,
2nd Street, Bharathi Avenue,
West Canal Bank Road,
Kottur ,
Phone: Res-044 - 4453858

Career Objective :

To design and develop products in the network domain.

Experience :

Involved in developing projects in Process & Control Instruments and Distributed Control network like LonWorks for almost two and half years in a Process & Control instruments designing and manufacturing organization, MCIH Pvt Ltd, Chennai, as a Senior Software Design Engineer.

Technical :

• Over two and half years of design and development experience in embedded systems.
• Strong skills in Assembly, C,VBA programming.
• Strong background in various 8/16 - bit micro controllers.
• Exposure to LonWorks technologies Nodebuilder ,Neuron C,LNS Services, Lonmaker.

Education :

1999 BACHELOR OF ENGG. ( Electronics and Communication Engg)
Aggregate of 72.3 %

Aggregate of 85 %
Technical Expertise :

ASSEMBLY LANGUAGE : Motorola 68HC11 and 68HC16, Intel 80C51 and 89C51RD2 and x86

SOFTWARE : C , C++ and VBA programming.


MAIN SKILL AREA : Networking Protocol Lontalk ,TCP/IP, MODBUS and RS232C.

LonWorks : Nodebuilder, Lonmaker

TOOLS : IASM11, IASM16, ASM51, EVM11, EVM16,
and NodeBuilder.

Accreditation :

Microsoft Certified Professional for Network Essential.

Profile Description :

1. LonPLC (LonWorks Programmable Logic Controller):

Organization : MCIH Pvt Lmt, Chennai.
Designation : Senior Software Design Engineer
Period : June 2001 to till date

LONWORKS technology is at the forefront of the trend, away from proprietary control schemes and centralized systems. In a LONWORKS network, intelligent control devices, called nodes, communicate using a common protocol. Each node in the network contains embedded intelligence that implements the protocol and performs control functions. In addition, each node includes a physical interface that couples the node's micro controller with the communication medium.

1.LonPLC - Distributed I/O Module
The LonPlc can be one node of many installed in a distributed control network, providing a direct
interface between the network and external I/O.

• LonPlc has 32 hardware Digital I/Os , 32 network Digital I/Os and 4 network analog I/Os. LonPlc Host Processor is 89C51RD2 and it is connected with serial I/O shifter, Neuron chip with 1.2MB Transceiver and RS232C communication interface.
• Each node's network I/Os may be logically tied with other nodes I/Os in the LonWorks network using configuration tools such as Lonmaker. The I/O changes are transferred through network and corresponding node’s network I/Os are updated . The communication is established by Lontalk protocol which is a 7 Layer OSI model protocol.
2. LonPLC - Intelligent Controller
LonPlc is not only designed for distributed I/O but it can also process I/O data and execute series of instruction rungs in a ladder. Each rung can consist of 16 instructions and total rungs can be upto 256 in the ladder diagram. It supports various instruction such as arithmetic, logical ,data transfer and Timer/Counter types.

• The instruction 's elements can be local hardware I/Os or network I/Os or utility registers located in the processor memory or Timer/Counter registers.
• Results may be soft wired (that is it can be stored in internal register or sent through network) or hard wired that is linked with hardware digital output.
• LonPlc can replace expensive proprietary control schemes and centralized systems

local configuration instruction data file is developed by Visio drawing application program and down loaded through RS232C interface. Interconnection of nodes are done through Lonmaker Installation tool.

Development Environment : WINDOWS 98
Supporting Tools : CEIBO FE-RD2 , LTM-10 and NodeBuilder
Configuration Management : LonMaker
Language : "C" and Assembly


. System designing and developing software modules.
. Debugging and testing the software modules.
. Node configuration using LonMaker configuration tool.

2. Multi loop PID Controller

Organization : MCIH Pvt Lmt, Chennai
Designation : Senior Software Design Engineer
Period : Almost 7 Months

Multi loop PID controller is a programmable multi process architecture .The main loops are executed by 68HC16 processor. 68HC11 processor is connected to 68HC16 through SCI and it drives SED1335fF LCD controller. Neuron processor for LonWorks is also interfaced with 68HC16. More than 25 software and hard wired modules are available in this controller for wide variety of applications. For easy configuration, a Pc based tool developed by Visio Drawing is used.

• Up to 4 analog and digital input , output modules are available.
• Effective PID algorithm with overshoot control.
• Auto or manual output, remote or local set point selection .
• Highly optimized software PID tuning algorithm.
• High viewing angle, good resolution, electroluminesent graphics display with SED1335F driver and HC11 control micro controller.
• Support MODBUS and LonWorks Protocols.
• Visio drawing VBA application configuration tool.

Development Environment : WINDOWS 98
Supporting Tools : EVM11 ,EVM16 ,IASM11,IASM16,ICD16
Configuration Management : Visio drawing
Language : "C" and Assembly


. Designing and developing graphics panel with SED1335F.
. Involved in Protocol development between master and slave processors .
. Involved in PID algorithm and tuning algorithm design and software implementation.
. Debugging and Testing the software modules.
. Involved in MODBUS and LonWorks implementation.

#3 Universal Input Programmable Totaliser

Organization : MCIH Pvt Lmt, Chennai
Designation : Software Design Engineer
Period : 7 Months

The Smart Tot has powerful functional and mathematical software modules with special features demanded by flow instrumentation application. Ranging in terms of engineering units, square rooting, resolution setting for turbine transmitter signal, alarm on totalized count and count rate setting for tantalizer are few of many software capabilities of smart Tot. High precision mathematical results are carried out through special
software approach and utilization of hardware timer capability of HC11. Programming smart Tot involves
interconnection of software modules suitably to achieve desired functions.
List of modules under different category are given such as left end, right end and middle modules. The left end modules are Pulse to Linear, Pulse to Tantalizer and constant. The middle modules are arithmetic , calculation, select, lineariser, limiting, ranging and Tantalizer. The Right end modules are alarm, dual display, retransmission and dummy. The applications of smart Tot are limitless. The flexibility built into each software module lets the user to integrate many functions into one instrument.

• Developed a list of modules with two analog inputs and single analog output.
• High performance A/D and LED subsystem handling.

Development Environment : WINDOWS 98
Supporting Tools : EVM11 , IASM11
Language : Assembly


. Involved in designing and Developing whole software.
. Debugging and testing the software modules.

#4 Universal Input Programmable Indicator

Organization : MCIH Pvt Lmt, Chennai.
Designation : Software Design Engineer
Period : 6 Months.

Smart Ind offers solutions for simple to complex monitoring problems. This software is designed
with the sole concept that it should be universal in every aspect- right from choice of inputs,
outputs to programmable function. Smart Ind remains single model meant to perform many functions.
Worth mentioning a few are temperature indicator ,Hi-Lo Selector/Indicator, computational module, Deviation Alarm Indicator etc.,. Even the retransmission output of Smart Ind can be
selected either as voltage or current output by the software.

• Developed a list of modules with two analog inputs and single analog output.
• High performance A/D and LED subsystem handling.

Development Environment : WINDOWS 98
Supporting Tools : EVM11,IASM11
Language : Assembly


. Involved in designing and Developing whole software modules.
. Involved in implementation of table lookup method algorithm for temperature indication from
RTDs and T/Cs.
. Debuging and Testing the sotware modules.

#5 Hand held calibrator for TC and RTD signals

Organization : MCIH Pvt Lmt, Chennai.
Designation : Software Design Engineer
Period : Almost 4 Months.

Hand held calibrators are designed for calibration/testing of temperature instrument at field. This
model can simulate 9 types of T/Cs and 3 types of RTDs which can be used to calibrate instruments.
Alternatively this calibrator can measure mV, ohms or signal from T/Cs or RTDs. Lineariser and CJC are built in feature. Companion has versatile operational features aimed at simplifying the field calibration work. Single key stroke for zero and full scale range, stepping up/down of source outputs,
user configurable range limits, direct percentage setting for source output and configuration of meter readings in terms of user defined engineering units are some of the operational features of calibrator.

• Good user interface with LCD display and mostly single key operation.
• Auto and manual output stepping.
• High performance A/D ,D/C and LCD sub-system handling.
• Simulating most of the T/Cs and RTDs.

Development Environment : WINDOWS 98
Supporting Tools : CEIBO- 51,ASM51
Language : Assembly


. Involved in designing and Developing whole software.
. Debugging and testing the software .

Personal Profile:

Sex : Male

Date of birth : 12-06-1977

Nationality : Indian

Marital status : Single

Permanent address : Ariyur Velayuthampalayam,

Passport details : A 0297196 (Valid upto 07-12-2009)

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