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 Manufacturing Community 

Message boards and marketplace for manufacturers, machinists and engineers.

 General Message Boards 

Technical Forum - forum for technical information exchange.(this is a general technical discussion forum. you will have less chance to get replied here. you are suggested to go check MyForum service first. we have some forums of specific technical fields there and it would be easier for you to get response to your message there.)

Trading Board A - (B2B) trade leads, new products/ service announcement for manufacturing industry.

Trading Board B - used machinery/equipment for metalworking industry.

Trading Board C - used machinery/equipment for the electrical manufacturing industry.(Link to Trading Board D @ EE Community)

Trading Board D - used machinery/equipment for other industry.

Jobs Forum - job opportunities or job searching.

 MyForum - message boards of different technological or industrial subjects hosted by experts. 

Industrial Robotics Forum - robotic applications, integration tips, programming tips, parts sources, for water jet, welding, dispensing, material handling, assembly etc.(by Paul Sprunger)

Forum of High Vacuum Technology/Processing/Coating - Information exchange on all phases of Vacuum Processing and Equipment including systems, evaporation, sputtering, measurement, melting, and related technologies.(by Pat McMahon)

Coatings & Resins Forum - coatings, resins, emulsions technology and manufacture. resins and emulsions plant design and opperation. specification and fault analysis.(by Clive Bolt)

Transportation and Shipping Forum - discussions mainly focussing on any company that ships product, local, national or internationally. compare shipping rates, carriers/brokers, tricks of the trade, or find a carrier/broker to quote on your product.(by Sandy Shaffer)

Servodrives and Servomotors Forum - variable speed drives with/without position control, servodrives with/without position control, drive synchronisers, absolute encoders, fieldbus communications.(by Stephen Bartlett)

Foundry Technology Forum - dedicated to the foundry industry for theory and techniques - metallurgy, sand, cores, patterns and all other facets of the industry.(by Lee Seymour)

Weighing Equipment and Scales Forum - any questions regarding balances, bench scales, or any type of weighing device or application.(by Tim Buehler)

Metal Corrosion Prevention Forum - metal corrosion destroys millions of dollars in products. there are different types of corrosion and also different solutions to them...(by Richard Nay)

Metals Forming Forum - a forum for discussion about technological, industrial practice and theoretical aspects of hot and cold forming of metals.(by Antonio Augusto Gorni)

Welding/ Metallising for Maintenance and Repair Forum - discuss applications involving repair welding and metallising for joining, build-up, hardfacing, corrosion protection, and restoration of lost dimension to parts and equipment.(by Steven M. Naber)

Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems Forum - MEMS in general. discussions about polysilicon sensors, actuators, and microstructures. bulk and surface micromachining technologies. fabrication process. physical principles.(by Winston Sun)

Plastic and Composite Components Forum - this forum was established to provide users with information on the use of thermoplastic and thermoset composite materials in "volume produced" components.(by Carl S. Howarth)

Aluminum, Titanium, Alloy Steels, Specialty Metals, Stainless, Extrusions Forum - talk about specialty hard to find metals in the the aircraft, aero space, military, automotive, petroleum, bearing and foreign industries. highest quality metals...(by Bobby Hairston)

Understanding Heat Treatment for Non Heattreaters Forum - ferrous and non ferrous material heattreatment and equipment related problem discussion and solving.(by David Pye)

Milling and Turning Forum - the focus of this forum is to exchange ideas, experiences, and information, relative to milling & turning, with other professional manufactures and engineers.(by Richard Clukey)

Design & Manufacture Forum - this forum is for designing and building prototype tooling, testing equipment, etc., in an R&D machine shop.(by Duane Sherman)

Chemical Products, Lubricants, Antifoam, Analytical Equipment and Supplies Message Board - lab reagents, bulk chemical products, antifoaming products, laboratory furniture, special applications lubricants, lab equipment for analysis (such as testing viscosities, flash points, etc.).(by Michael S. Bemiss)

Photosensitive Materials for LCD Forum - want to share information about photosensitive materials in LCD; like color filter photoresist, overcoat, resin black matrix and column spacer.(by See, Yoon-Ki)

Lubrication Technology Forum - a forum to promote knowledge of lubricants and lubrication. increase environmental awareness in the use of lubricants. provide information on cost effective and environmentally friendly lubrication programs.(by Brett Maynard)

Al-Sc Alloy Forum - forum for exchange of information about the business, technology and science of Sc-containing aluminum alloys.(by Jostein Røyset)

EDM Forum - supplies and technical information for the edm industry.(by Michael Antonich)

CAD Services Message Board - messages related to finding, using or providing CAD services.(by Paul Rudolph)

PLC CNC Programing Message Board - a forum for the discussion of useful code, state, or ladder functions for industrial/manufacturing automation or Retrofit problems.(by Ben Foster)

Metal Injection Molding (MIM) Forum - this forum will exchange ideas on MIM including materials, part design, processing, applications, and comparison to conventional manufacture of metal parts.(by Mitchell Gross)

Fluoroplastic - Fluoropolymer Forum - questions regarding properties, applications and sources for fluoroplastic /fluoropolymer products. PTFE, FEP, PFA, MFA, ETFE, ECTFE, PEI Ultem, THV and PEEK.(by Janine Kruit)

Bar Code Identification Issues Forum - PCB manufacturing technology changes influence all aspects of manufacture, including the bar code identification used. Price/performance, printing technologies, and data integrity are the issues.(by Dr. James R. Williams)

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