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Tim Buehler

Message Board: Weighing Equipment and Scales Forum

1. Full Name: Tim Buehler

2. E-mail: tbuehler@netscales.com

3. Phone: 1-630-942-1770

4. Fax: 

5. Address: 

6. Organization: Netscales, Inc.

7. Name of Website: www.netscales.com

8. URL of Website: www.netscales.com

9. Experience/Expertise: 
   20+ years experience in service and sales of weighing related 
   equipment i.e. lab balances, parts counting scales, conveyor 
   belt scales, warehouse scales, vehicle scales, etc. Our 
   particular field of expertise is in the aggregate and asphalt 
   batching industries. We will answer any questions regarding 
   scales in general, as our knowledge of scales is transferrable 
   to any industry.


11.Forum Title: Weighing Equipment and Scales Forum

12.Brief Description of Forum:
   Any questions regarding balances, bench scales, or any 
   type of weighing device or application.

13.Welcome Message to Our Friends: 
   Welcome to our forum !

   Netscales, Inc. has noticed a complete lack of information, 
   on the internet, regarding weighing equipment and scales. 
   It is our goal to help industry make better informed decisions 
   in the purchase, and maintainance, of weighing equipment 
   and scales.

   Tim  Buehler