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Steven M. Naber

Message Board: Welding/ Metallising for Maintenance and Repair Forum

1. Full Name: Steven M. Naber

2. E-mail: rr2@fgi.net

3. Phone: 219-696-7429

4. Fax: 219-696-7739

5. Address: P.O. Box 278 Lowell Indiana

6. Organization: U.S. Alloys Company

7. Name of Website: U.S. Alloys/Weld Tech Companies

8. URL of Website: http://www.usalloysweldtech.com

9. Experience/Expertise:
   23 years experience in welding and metallising problem solving for
   industry and agriculture. Experienced in providing specifications
   for materials and procedures. Provide consumables and training where
   needed for in-house operations and provide outsource when desired.


11.Forum Title: Welding/ Metallising for Maintenance and Repair Forum

12.Brief Description of Forum:
   Discuss applications involving repair welding and metallising for
   joining, build-up, hardfacing, corrosion protection, and restoration
   of lost dimension to parts and equipment.

13.Welcome Message to Our Friends:
   Welcome to the forum on welding and metallising for repair. Our goal
   is to provide the necessary expertise, equipment and consumables for
   effectively joining or repairing metals in your day to day manufacturing,
   job shop, or agricultural operation. We offer the same services to those
   wishing to utilize metallising for hardfacing, corrosion protection,
   salvage, or build-up of worn parts. We provide the means for both
   in-house and outsourcing of repairs.