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Richard Clukey

Message Board: Milling and Turning Forum

1. Full Name: Richard Clukey

2. E-mail: agcs@snet.net

3. Phone: 860-582-5088

4. Fax: 860-582-5130

5. Address: 10 Allread Drive, Terryville, CT 06786

6. Organization: Accu-Grind Cutter Service, Inc

7. Name of Website: Accugrind.Com

8. URL of Website: http://www.accugrind.com

9. Experience/Expertise:

   Twenty years experience in custom milling cutter design and manufacture.
   Strengths are in application of complex contours and techniques for
   milling.  I have15 years in CNC programming in the field of special
   low-volume cutting tools.


   Consulted on several articals for "Cutting Tool Engineering" and
   "Modern Application News"

11.Forum Title: Milling and Turning Forum

12.Brief Description of Forum:

   The focus of this forum is to exchange ideas, experiences, and
   information, relative to milling & turning, with other professional
   manufactures and engineers.

13.Welcome Message to Our Friends:

   Welcome to the Milling & Turning Forum.  Please feel free to ask,
   answer, or comment on questions and ideas posted here.  Hope you
   find this forum helpfull.

   Dick Clukey, Accu-Grind Cutter Service, Inc.