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Raymond E. Rogers Sr.

Message Board: Instrument Design Forum

1. Full Name: Raymond E. Rogers Sr.

2. E-mail: rrogers@plaidheron.com

3. Phone: 248-889-2332

4. Fax:

5. Address: 5251 Wayne Rd., White Lake, MI 48383
   (For a month or two)

6. Organization: DaimlerChrysler

7. Name of Website:

8. URL of Website: http://www.plaidheron.simplenet.com/ray/
   (Note that this is personal; I haven't set up an engineering 
   page yet.)

9. Experience/Expertise: 
   Over 25 years as an electronics engineer, most of it designing 
   Instruments in different forms.

10.Patents/Writings: #4687934, #4918331, #4692621

11.Forum Title: Instrument Design Forum

12.Brief Description of Forum: 
   Issues and techniques relating to the electronics and physcial 
   details of designing instrumentation.

13.Welcome Message to Our Friends: 
   This forum is for the theory and practice of designing 
   electronically controlled intstruments.