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Pat McMahon

Message Board: Forum of High Vacuum Technology/Processing/Coating

1. Full name: Pat McMahon

2. E-Mail: patmcmahon@earthlink.net

3. Phone: 201- 943-0025

4. Fax: 201-943-2712

5. Address: 1060 Elm Ave.
            Ridgefield, New Jersey  USA

6. Organization: Film-Vac, Inc.

7. Name of Website: None

8. Name of URL: None

9. Experience:
   Forty years in the Vacuum/Thin film Industry. Thirty one years 
   managing my own company designing and manufacturing a variety of
   thin film products and services.

10. Patents: "Hollow Cathode Zone Refiner" #3,403,007
             "Metal Coated Articles"       #3,939,834

    Papers:  "The Effect of Ultra-High Vacuum Electron Beam Zone
              Refining on the Purification of Metals."

11. Forum Title: "Forum of High Vacuum Technology/Processing/Coating"

12. Description of Forum:   
    Information exchange on all phases of Vacuum Processing and 
    Equipment including systems, evaporation, sputtering, measurement, 
    melting, and related technologies.