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Mike Gray

Message Board: X-ray Generation Forum

1. Full Name: Mike Gray

2. E-mail: mike@amerytel.net

3. Phone: 1-715-268-8765 (eves & weekends)

4. Fax:

5. Address: 953 - 75th Street, Amery, Wisconsin 54001 USA

6. Organization: Amery X-ray, Inc.

7. Name of Website: Amery X-ray, Inc.

8. URL of Website: http://xrayheads.com/

9. Experience/Expertise:   
   President of Amery X-ray, Inc. A service company that 
   repairs Dental and Podiatry (stationary anode type) X-ray
   tubeheads and controls. In addition to my professional 
   experience, I'm also a weekend hobbyist. I enjoy experimenting 
   with X-rays, high voltage, vacuum technology, and ultrasonics.


11.Forum Title: X-ray Generation Forum

12.Brief Description of Forum:
   Discuss X-ray generation for the professional and the 
   hobbyist. Topics may deal with education, equipment repair, 
   experimentation, and safety.

13.Scope of Forum: