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Lee Seymour

Message Board: Foundry Technology Forum

1. Full Name: Lee Seymour

2. E-mail: laseymour@email.msn.com

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6. Organization: Consulting

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9. Experience/Expertise:
   I worked in several foundries producing castings from 
   investment castings to castings up to 400,000 pounds.  
   Melting includes acid and basic arc furnaces, induction 
   furnaces and open-hearth furnaces. Molding systems include 
   investments, green sand (hand-rammed, slinger, squeeze and 
   high-pressure), no-bakes (phenolic, sodium silicate, and 
   alkyd-isocyanate), shell mold and V-Process.  Metals were 
   primarily steels including carbon, low alloy, stainless, 
   cobalt and nickel alloys, tool, manganese and heat resisting. 
   I also have experience in heat-treating, welding, qualifying 
   procedures, quality control (Quality Engineer or Quality 
   Control Manager). I also audited, wrote manuals and 
   procedures, NDT and NDT training, mechanical testing, SPC 
   and radiography.

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11.Forum Title: Foundry Technology Forum

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   Dedicated to the foundry industry for theory and techniques
   - Metallurgy, sand, cores, patterns and all other facets 
   of the industry.

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