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John W. Childers

Message Board: Printed Circuit Designers' Forum

1. Full Name: John W. Childers

2. E-mail:  goldengategraphics@prolynx.com

3. Phone: 720-276-9127

4. Fax:

5. Address:

6. Organization:  Golden Gate Graphics

7. Name of Website:  [GGG] PCB Design Service and CAE CAD CAM Training

8. URL of Website:  http://www.GoldenGateGraphics.com

9. Experience/Expertise:
   Founder of Golden Gate Graphics printed circuit design service 
   bureau and originator of "Streamlined Design", a simplified, 
   fast and efficient approach to producing as good as perfect 
   printed circuit designs on the first pass.

   In progress pilot project:  development of on-line training 
   site for PCB designers.  (See above URL).

   On-line "Glossary of Printed Circuit Design and Manufacture"
   http://www.goldengategraphics.com/pcgloss.htm )

11.Forum Title: Printed Circuit Designers' Forum

12.Brief Description of Forum:
   Topics in printed circuit board design, manufacture and assembly.

13.Welcome Message to Our Friends:
   Welcome to our Printed Circuit Design Forum.  Here you will 
   have an opportunity to 1) expand your knowledge and become 
   more professional as printed circuit designers or 2) influence 
   the competence of printed circuit designers by providing your 
   own expertise in closely related fields -  those you would 
   want a PCB Designer to know.

   Share your knowledge and expertise of design and manufacture 
   (since designs should be manufacturable) of printed circuit 

   The first thing we would like to know from you is what do you 
   think is most needed for this forum?

   John W. Childers