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Jostein Røyset

Message Board: Al-Sc Alloy Forum

1. Full Name: Jostein Røyset

2. E-mail: Jostein.Royset@hydro.com

3. Phone:

4. Fax:

5. Address: Sunndalsøra, Norway

6. Organization: Independent

7. Name of Website: Scandium in Aluminum Alloys

8. URL of Website: http://home.no/al-sc/

9. Experience/Expertise:
   Learned about Al-Sc alloys in a student project in 1992.

   Siv. Ing. (M.Sc. equivalent) in physical metallurgy, 1994
   Thesis: Precipitation and recrystallization in the Al-Mg-Sc system.

   Currently writing a Dr. Ing. (Ph.D. equivalent) thesis on Sc in Al-alloys.
   Have experimented with alloys of the Al-Sc, Al-Mg-Sc, Al-Si-Sc
   and Al-Mg-Si-Sc(-Zr) alloy systems.


11.Forum Title: Al-Sc Alloy Forum

12.Brief Description of Forum:
   Forum for exchange of information about the business, technology and
   science of Sc-containing aluminum alloys.

13.Welcome Message to Our Friends:
   Hello, and welcome.

   I set up an internet-page on Sc in Al-alloys in 1996.
   Since then, I have regularly received e-mails from people wondering
   abouth everything from whether I am interested in buying Sc metal
   to whether Sc-containing Al-alloys can help them solve a particular
   engineering problem. Many of these inquiries go beyond my fields of
   knowledge. I hope that if inquiries are made in this Forum instead
   they can be seen by more people, and thus there is an increased chance
   of getting meaningful responses.

   I also hope that this forum will serve as a means of increasing
   the contact between people involved with Sc-containing Al-alloys.

   Jostein Røyset