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John Dunn

Message Board: Analog Circuit Design Forum

1. Full Name: John Dunn

2. E-mail: ambertec@ieee.org

3. Phone: 1-516-378-2149

4. Fax: None

5. Address: 181 Marion Avenue   Merrick, NY 11566-3221

6. ICQ: None

7. Organization: Ambertec, Incorporated - A consulting company.

8. Name of Website: None

9. URL of Website: None

   More than thirty years of design experience to over a 
   dozen military and industrial companies in multiple 
   electronic disciplines including analog(low noise audio, 
   power audio, temperature measurements, cardiogram
   recordings, etc.), power supplies (low voltages at up to 
   100 amperes and high voltages to 100 kV), HF/VHF/UHF 
   equipment,ÁP/ÁC development and debugging, test equipment 
   design and test program development.

   Forty published items in technical journals since 1979. 
   Items appearing in Electronic Design Magazine's "Ideas 
   For Design" column won their "Best Of The Issue" award 
   on four separate occasions.

12.Forum Title: Analog Circuit Design Forum

13.Brief Description of Forum:
   Circuit designs questions of all kinds are welcomed.

14.Scope of Forum:
   Please post whatever questions you may have and an attempt 
   will be made to provide useful answers. Where answers 
   cannot be provided by Ambertec, that will be acknowledged 
   and suggestions, if any come to mind, will be offered
   as to where and how to find the required information.