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James Gregory Whitehouse

Message Board: Electronics Manufacturing and Automation Forum

1. Full Name: James Gregory Whitehouse

2. E-mail: whitehouse@teliamail.dk

3. Phone: +45 20198040

4. Fax:

5. Address: Nyvangsvej 10, 8362 HÝrning, Danmark

6. Organization:

7. Name of Website:

8. URL of Website:

9. Experience/Expertise: 
   15 years within electronic manufacturing and factory automation. 
   covering all aspects of SMT and associated process. Experience ranging 
   from ownership of business to employment with Siemens AUT5 (PLEA).


11.Forum Title: Electronics Manufacturing and Automation Forum

12.Brief Description of Forum: 
   A discussion forum for all intersted in electronics factory automation 
   and process aspects.

13.Welcome Message to Our Friends: 
   This forum is intended for both those who have already worked with these 
   technologies and people who are searching for advice with a view to 
   applying these technologies for a first time . The objective here is 
   to develope a network of proffesional friends active in the dispersal 
   of information.