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Jaime Andres Aranguren Cardona

Message Board: Embedded Control Forum

1. Full Name: Jaime Andres Aranguren Cardona

2. E-mail: jaime.aranguren@ieee.org

3. Phone: 

4. Fax: 

5. Address: 

6. Organization: SIEMENS AG Österreich

7. Name of Website: Matlab

8. URL of Website: http://members.tripod.com/JaimeAranguren

9. Experience/Expertise: DSP's Microcontrollers, Microprocessors


11.Forum Title: Embedded Control Forum

12.Brief Description of Forum:

   discuss, answer and post questions related to embedded control, 
   concerning hardware, software and firmware

13.Welcome Message to Our Friends:

   this forum is intended to be a commonplace for embedded
   control professionals, as well as students and hobbysts.
   don't expect me to answer all the questions, instead, 
   will be better fi others do!