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David Kennedy

Message Board: PCB Rework and Repair Forum

1. Full Name: APE Corporation

2. E-mail: sales@apecorp.com

3. Phone: 305-451-4722

4. Fax: 305-451-3373

5. Address: 48 Coral Way, MM 105.2, Key Largo, FL  33037

6. Organization: APE Corporation

7. Name of Website:  APE Corporation - SMT Repair

8. URL of Website: www.apecorp.com

9. Experience/Expertise:
   Worldwide manufacturer of SMT repair equipment.  Our machines 
   rework boards with BGA, micro-BGA, Flip-chip, QFP's, CSP, 
   etc....  Also manufacture LCD and HSC repair equipment.   We 
   started the company producing Thru-hole soldering equipment.  
   Distribute all types of soldering supplies.  We are on of the 
   very few companies left that produce gold plating equipment.

   We developed the Chipmaster for Motorola.

   In Business since 1968.

   Reworking above 1000 watts....power vs. temperature...low 
   temperature / high power

11.Forum Title: PCB Rework and Repair Forum

12.Brief Description of Forum:
   Discuss circuitboard rework topics such as temperature, 
   vision, bottom heat, machine selection, profiles, and 

13.Scope of Forum:
   To promote hot air rework tecnologies