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Craig Abelson

Message Board: Computer Build and Repair Forum

1. Full Name: Craig Abelson

2. E-mail: davcrag@aol.com

3. Phone:

4. Fax:

5. Address:

6. Organization: Abel Computers

7. Name of Website:

8. URL of Website:

9. Experience/Expertise:
   17 years experience in working with computers. I custom design systems
   with audio/video integration, set up proxy servers, networks, service 
   and upgrade existing computer systems. I would say that my strongest 
   abilities lie in troubleshooting and repairs.


11.Forum Title: Computer Build and Repair Forum

12.Brief Description of Forum:
   The very best way(s) to build a computer and ask the expert for
   troubleshooting advice. IBM Compatible questions only please.

13.Welcome Message to Our Friends:
   Welcome everyone! This is the place to post your computer related
   questions. Ask anything and I will do my best to answer you.  If there 
   is a question that I do not know, I will try to direct you to the right 
   place to find your answer.