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Carl S. Howarth

Message Board: Plastic and Composite Components Forum

1. Full Name: Carl S. Howarth

2. E-mail: howarthc@comcast.net

3. Phone:

4. Fax:

5. Address:

6. Organization: Howarth Development Associates

7. Name of Website:

8. URL of Website: http://www.hdev.org

9. Experience/Expertise:

   Howarth Development Associates has been engaged in the design,
   development, and analysis of components manufactured using reinforced
   thermoplastic and thermoset materials for over 12 years.  Specific
   experience includes:

   Metal replacement
   Cost & design feasibility studies
   Structural finite element analysis
   Development of cost saving designs and material optimization
   Seminars on various plastic and composites topics

   Education includes a BS Mechanical Engineering completed with a MS in
   Materials Engieering with emphasis on mechanical properties of composite


   D. Derstine, C. Howarth, C. Zellock, "Effect of Oven Aging on Mechanical
   Properties of Long Glass Fiber vs Short Glass Fiber Thermoplastic
   Composites", Proceedings of the 1996 SAE International Congress &
   Exposition, February 1996.

   Y.A. Gowayed, C. Pastore, C. Howarth, "Modification and Application of a
   Unit Cell Continuum Model to Predict the Elastic Properties of Textile
   Composites", Composites: Part A, 27 A, 149-155, 1996.

   Y.A. Gowayed, C. Pastore, C. Howarth, "An Integrated Approach to the
   Geometrical and Mechanical Modeling of Textile Reinforced Composites",
   Proceedings, 39th International SAMPE Symposium, April, 1994.  

   Howarth, C.S., Balonis, R., and Ko, F.K., "Design and Manufacture of
   Composite Intensive Vehicles", Proceedings, 35th International SAMPE
   Symposium, April, 1990.

11.Forum Title: Plastic and Composite Components Forum

12.Brief Description of Forum:

   This forum was established to provide users with information on the
   use of thermoplastic and thermoset composite materials in "volume
   produced" components.  

13.Welcome Message to Our Friends:

   Welcome to our new forum!  We intend to provide you with a place to
   discuss and learn about the use of composite materials.  We can discuss
   materials, processes, various applications, and the cost competitiveness
   of these materials in a volume manufacturing. 

   I personally hope that you find this forum useful and that all will
   contribute where they can.

   Best Regards,

   Carl Howarth
   Howarth Development Associates