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Antonio Augusto Gorni

Message Board: Metals Forming Forum

1. Full Name: Antonio Augusto Gorni

2. E-mail: agorni@iron.com.br

3. Phone: +55-13-467-1805

4. Fax: +55-13-467-1805

5. Address: 

6. Organization: COSIPA

7. Name of Website: Antonio Gorni On Line

8. URL of Website: http://www.gorni.eng.br or http://gorni.cjb.net

9. Experience/Expertise: 
   Materials Engineer; Master of Metallurgical Engineer; Researcher at 
   Companhia Siderúrgica Paulista (COSIPA) Cubatão (Brazil) since 1982, 
   working in the development of hot rolling processes, automation, plate 
   product development and steelmaking; teacher of Polymeric Materials 
   at FEI - Faculdade de Engenharia Industrial (Industrial Engineering 
   School); technical editor of the "Plástico Industrial" (Industrial 
   Plastics) magazine, a Brazilian publication by Aranda Editora.
   As-Hot-Rolled Dual Phase Steels: An Update

   The Effect of Hot Deformation on the Austenite Decomposition of Low 
   Alloy Steels

   The Production of Dual Phase Steels

   Determination of Austenite Transformation Temperatures through 
   Thermal Analysis

   The Effect of Finishing Temperature and Cooling Rate on the Microstructure 
   and Mechanical Properties of an As-Hot-Rolled Dual Phase Steel

   Effect of Hot Deformation on the Austenite Transformation of an 
   As-Hot-Rolled Dual Phase Steel

   Analysis of the Strain Hardening of an As-Hot-Rolled Dual Phase Steel 
   during Tension Testing

   Microstructure and Mechanical Properties Characterization of an Heat 
   Treated Mn-Si-Cr-Mo Steel

   Microstructure-Mechanical Properties Relationships in an As-Hot-Rolled 
   Dual Phase Steel

   Topological Characterization of the Dual Phase Microstructure

   Determination of the Hot Strength of Steels Processed in the COSIPA's 
   Rougher Mill #2

   Mathematical Modeling of the Hot Strength of Low Alloy, High Strength 

   Characterization of the Hot Mechanical/Metallurgical Behavior of COSIPA 

   Comparison between the Several Approaches to the Mathematical Modeling 
   of the Hot Strength of Carbon and Microalloyed Steels

   Modeling the Effect of Alloy Elements in the Hot Strength of Steel

   Comparison between the Several Approaches for the Calculation of the 
   Activation Energy for Hot Forming Q

   Application of Forced Cooling during the Holding Phase in Controlled 
   Rolling of Plates

   Effect of the Thickness of Rolling Stock during the Holding Phase of 
   Controlled Rolling over the Microstructural Parameters of Shipbuilding 
   Nb-Ti Steel Plates

   Optimization of the Chemical Composition and Controlled Rolling 
   Process for Shipbuilding Nb-Ti Steel Plates

   Microstructure and Properties Characterization of Controlled Rolled, 
   Triple Width Plates

   Production of Normalized Plates Directly from the Rolling Heat

   Recent Developments in Controlled Rolling

   Application of Normalizing Rolling for the Production of DIN 17100 
   St 52.3N Plates

   Increasing the Energetic Efficiency of the Production of Normalized 

   Development of Alternative Steels to Quenched and Tempered Materials 
   with Tensile Strength between 600 to 800 MPa

   Development of a New Plane View Control Technique in Plate Rolling 
   from Continuously Cast Slabs

   Optimization of the Work Roll Crown in a Plate Mill

   Technological Innovations in Plate Rolling: Equipments

   Technological Innovations in Plate Rolling: Processes and Products

   Start-up of High Chrome Work Rolls at COSIPA Plate Mill

   Production of Extra-Heavy, ASTM A36 Grade Plates from Continuously 
   Cast Slabs

   Determination of Instantaneous/Mean Parameters and RMS Torques of 
   COSIPA's Rougher Mill #2

   Study about the Causes of Turn-up in a Plate Mill

   Mathematical Model for Flatness Control during Plate Rolling

   Development of a Mathematical Model for the Prediction of the Pass 
   Schedule for a Plate Mill

   Mathematical Modeling of Plate Mill Processes

   Application of Artificial Neural Networks in the Modeling of Plate 
   Mill Processes

   Mathematical Modeling for the Calculation of Solubilization/Precipitation 
   in Nb-Ti-V Microalloyed Steels

   Mathematical Modelling of the Critical Temperatures of Controlled 
   Rolling Using Empirical Equations and Neural Networks

   Calculation of the No-Recrystallization Temperature for Microalloyed 
   Steels from the Interaction between Austenite Precipitation and 

   Mathematical Correlation between Temperatures within a Batch of Coils 
   for Annealing

   Physical Simulation of Heat Treatments

   Microstructural Evolution in a Nb Steel during an Isothermal Annealing 
   at 630oC

   Determination of the Microstructural Evolution during the Batch Annealing 
   of Microalloyed Steel Coils

   Influence of the Precipitation of Nb Carbonitrides on the Ferritic 
   Recrystallization of a Nb Steel

   Liquid Metal Filtration: A Consolidating Technique

   Liquid Metal Filtration: Applications in Ferrous Metals

   Liquid Metal Filtration: Applications in Non-Ferrous Metals

   Causes of Macro-Inclusions in Steel Cast Products and How to Avoid 

   AutoSaver: Automatic Program Saving in the Apple II+ Microcomputer

   Software Package for Quantitative Metallography

   A Curve Fitting Program for any Kind of Function

   SubGraph: A Scientific Graphical Package

   Software for Statistical Process Control (Parts I & II)

   Software Package for Analysis of Tension Test Data

   Artificial Neural Networks: A Revolutionary Approach in Artificial 

   Software for Numerical Smoothing and Diferentation of Experimental 

   Internet Applications for Materials and Metallurgical Engineering

   Spreadsheet Applications in Materials Science


   See more details in http://gorni.cjb.net/publ.html

11.Forum Title: Metals Forming Forum

12.Brief Description of Forum:
   A forum for discussion about technological, industrial practice 
   and theoretical aspects of hot and cold forming of metals.

13.Welcome Message to Our Friends:
   Welcome to the Metals Forming Forum!

   This forum, kindly sponsored by IndustryCommunity.com, intends to 
   promote on-line discussion about all industrial, technological and 
   theoretical aspects about metal forming, including hot, warm and 
   cold processes.

   I am Antonio A. Gorni (http://www.gorni.eng.br or http://gorni.cjb.net), 
   Materials Engineer and Researcher since 1982 at the Companhia 
   Siderúrgica Paulista, an integrated steelworks near São Paulo, Brazil. 
   My field of work nowadays is process development and automation of hot 
   rolling processes, specially hot working.

   Let the discussion begin!

   Antonio A. Gorni