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 Electrical and Electronic Community 

Message boards for professionals and traders in the electrical and electronic industry.

 General Message Boards 

Technical Forum - forum for technical information exchange.

Trading Board A - (C2C) equipment/ components/ manual for personal use, no AD please.

Trading Board B - (B2B) trade leads, new products/ service announcement for electrical industry.

Trading Board C - (B2B) trade leads, new products/ service announcement, for electronic industry.

Trading Board D - used machinery/equipment for the electrical manufacturing industry

Jobs Forum - job opportunities or job searching.(Link to Jobs Forum @ Manufacturing Community).

 MyForum - message boards of different technological or industrial subjects hosted by experts. 

Analog Circuit Design Forum - circuit designs questions of all kinds are welcomed.(by John Dunn)

X-ray Generation Forum - discuss X-ray generation for the professional and the hobbyist. topics may deal with education, equipment repair, experimentation, and safety.(by Mike Gray)

Servodrives and Servomotors Forum - variable speed drives with/without position control, servodrives with/without position control, drive synchronisers, absolute encoders, fieldbus communications.(by Stephen Bartlett)

Ruby Laser Message Board - Ruby Laser info exchange, swap and trade.(by Marc W. Ecker)

PCB Rework and Repair Forum - discuss circuitboard rework topics such as temperature, vision, bottom heat, machine selection, profiles, and applications(by David Kennedy)

Instrument Design Forum - issues and techniques relating to the electronics and physcial details of designing instrumentation.(by Raymond E. Rogers Sr.)

Printed Circuit Designers' Forum - topics in printed circuit board design, manufacture and assembly.(by John W. Childers)

Eletromechanics projects & Transmission Lines Forum - discuss works around the world about projects of the transmission lines, eletromagnetics fields, estimate foundations of the towers, projects and methods.(by Anderson Costa)

Power Plant Operations & DCS Control Forum - discussion of different types of control strategies in large utility boilers. new ideas and complex control loops.(by Anthony Salvarezza)

Optical Instrumentation & Optics Forum - discuss applications of optical instumentation, optics, coating.(by Mike Pagano)

EMC and Safety Regulatory Expertise Forum - discuss EMC and safety issues related to electronics, computer, telecommunication products for compliance to wordwide EMC and safety requirements. such as FCC-15, CE mark etc.(by Chaman L. Bhardwaj)

Electronics Manufacturing and Automation Forum - a discussion forum for all interested in electronics factory automation and process aspects.(by James Gregory Whitehouse)

Computer Build and Repair Forum - the very best way(s) to build a computer and ask the expert for troubleshooting advice. IBM compatible questions only please.(by Craig Abelson)

Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems Forum - MEMS in general. discussions about polysilicon sensors, actuators, and microstructures. bulk and surface micromachining technologies. fabrication process. physical principles.(by Winston Sun)

PSpice Models for Analog & Digital ICs Message Board - this forum helps to find specific PSpice Models developed by vendors or individuals.(by Moazzam Mahmood)

Embedded Control Forum - discuss, answer and post questions related to embedded control, concerning hardware, software and firmware.(by Jaime Andres Aranguren Cardona)

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