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Repossessed Impact III, Semiconductor Test System [Sell]11/30/99
Asking Price 22,500 OR BEST OFFER For more information and picture go to our website- We can be reached at 619-258-7064. Sandee
Name: Sandee Starr CA

Manual for Anritsu ML-422B Selective Level Meter [Buy]11/30/99
Help! Need manual for Anritsu ML-422B Selective Level Meter... photocopy would be fine.
Name: Joe Schreiber Pa
Homepage: http://

USED / NEW Allen Bradely Parts, Mitsubishi CPU A2AS [Sell]11/30/99
*sorry* First time posting first messed up!! Parts on eBay... Bunch of allen bradley stuff, new honeywell sensors... Most bids still at $1.00 No reserve, stuff REALLY low right now... 1 day to go...
Name: Chris Elston Huntington, IN

USED / NEW Allen Bradely Parts, Mitsubishi CPU A2AS [Sell]11/30/99
Bunch of allen bradley stuff, new honeywell sensors... No reserve, stuff REALLY low right now...
Name: Chris Elston Huntington, IN

Wanted:Zevatech PM575/460 with feeders [Buy]11/26/99
Could you please send us information (picture & price) about reflow oven and wave soldring machine if you have any sources.Thanks. Siamak Jafarpour Techno Canada Tel.: (905)944-1984 Fax: (905)944-9374 email:
Name: Siamak Jafarpour Toronto-Canada
Homepage: http://

need cutting laser system [Buy]11/24/99
need to buy a diode pumped powerful metal cutting laser system capable of at least 1/2 inch thick aluminum plate. cheap, thanks...
Name: ninteach CA, USA

Looking for a COP87L88 programmer [Buy]11/22/99
Hi there! I'm looking for a COP87L88 programmer able to remove the security lock to read and re-program data stored inside the device. Best regards.Robbie.
Name: Robbie Italy 71100
Homepage: http://

Used electric motors, starters, transformers and PLC'S for sell [Sell]11/21/99
We have hundreds of new and used industrial products that we need to move. If you or anyone you know would like to find out about our invetory please call 912-275-9054, or we will be posting our invetory in the comming weeks to
Name: David Moye GA

Microwave generator [Sell]11/21/99
I'm interested finding a used microwave generator that has a 150 W of power and a bnc connection. Any ideas
Name: Tom Spudich PA
Homepage: http://

Used computers and motorycles to be exported from Japan [Sell]11/13/99
We are looking for partners who are interested in importing used computers or used motorcycles from Japan. Please contact us for further information.
Name: Jen-Trade Japan

Dynapert equipment [Buy]11/12/99
If you have Dynapert surplus equipment,contact me , I will buy promptly !
Name: ATC/Mike Hong Washington DC
Homepage: http://

Electronic compon. [Sell]11/10/99
E28F008SA-85 INTEL TE28F400B5-T80 INTEL TC7W14FUTE12L TOSH IRF630 MOT 3309P-1-471 BRNS T491A105M016AS KEMET T491A105K016AS KEMET AM29F010B-90JC AMD T491C475M035AS KEMET DF9-31S-1V(20) HIROSE These parts are for sale and there are many more please e-mail or call 1800-598-6381 for hard to find Electronic compon. ask for Steve..
Name: steven Ysidron CA

Pendulum [Buy]11/07/99
I'am a Belgian student (industrial engineer). For my final project I need to measure the angle of a pendulum in two directions (forwards/backwards as well as left /right). Therefor I would like to measure the distance from three fixed points to the swinging object. If I could know this three distances, I might be able to calculate te needed angle. The traditional sensors aren't suitable.
Name: Freek Belgium
Homepage: http://

Fluke scope/dmm #97 [Sell]11/01/99
Complete with probes, etc... works great, just don't need it... contact by e-mail please... 1200 bucks....with shipping in USA
Name: Eugene Slater Florida
Homepage: http://

Re: UNIOP (Exor)interface - Koyo DL205 PLCS [Bizop]10/30/99
not exactly in context here but does anyone have any good/bad experiences with the EXor industrial PLC interfaces. I am considering purchase for a Demo PLC unit and would prefer to avoid having a $1000 bad experience. any comments from Experienced users appreciated. Timothy Fidler
Name: Tim Fidler Australia
Homepage: http://

We buy new,used,rebuilt and even junk equipment. [Buy]10/27/99
We buy electric starters,breakers,motors. As well as valves,pumps,a/c and refrig. compressors,pipe and fittings,gear reducers,hydraulic pumps and motors, vacuum pumps,All types of equipment bought on a daily basis please contact with your surplus for sale.901-836-0420
Name: Malcolm Moore Tennessee
Homepage: http:// ~ Capital equipment financing ~ APPLY ONLINE~ [Bizop]10/25/99
Visit for your equipment financing needs. Use our online rate calculator to calculate estimated monthly payments. Best of all, you can APPLY ONLINE!
Name: CA

SMT--OEM [Bizop]10/25/99
We have 1.two line for S.M.T line for DIP line for assemble 4.ICT TEST chip and high-quality
Name: mini R.O.C-TAIWAN
Homepage: http://

F.S. Lock in amplifier [Sell]10/24/99
Eg&g princeton Lock-in amplifier mdl 5101 older mdl but hardly used includes manual $250.00
Name: C.Lundgren maine
Homepage: http://

Laser Cutter for Alessi Probe Station [Buy]10/23/99
Looking for a used laser cut attachment for Alessi probe station. Have Mitutoyo scope with laser attachment on top.
Name: Ed Chalfin MD

electrical chat [Bizop]10/22/99
are you interested in joining a chat group for industrial electricians?
Name: bob james UK(wales)

electrical chat group (industrial) [Buy]10/22/99
are you interested in joining a chat group for industrial electricians?. that does not have "sponsers"
Name: bob james UK (wales)
Homepage: http://

Siemens Software [Sell]10/20/99
I've got the following software to sell: Siemens, Simatic Software, Runtime Software FMS-5412/Windows95, Single User Licence 6GK1702-5FH41-3AA0 Version: 4.1 I paid 750 SFr. that's equal to 550 US$. If you'reinterested in buying this Software, I sell it for 300 US$. Best regards Jürg Joss
Name: Jürg Joss Switzerland

HPC16003 Development Tools [Buy]10/19/99
I am searching for HPC16003 development tools. Contact: Don Estes 405-954-8510
Name: Don Estes OK
Homepage: http://

I am looking to buy metal boxes to house guitar FX pedals [Buy]10/18/99
I am looking for metal boxes 3 inches wide, 5 inches long, and 1 1/2 to 2 inches deep or bigger or if anybody has an old fx pedals that no longer work let me know to I will pay cash, etc. please email me
Name: Josh Tauschek Wisconsin
Homepage: http://

Tektronix TM-5000 MAINFRAME -Wanted- [Sell]10/18/99
Need a TM-5000 Mainframe for my DM-5010 will Buy in any Condition Dead or Alive any Model, 5004, 5005, 5015 etc. I've had this meter for over 3-years now and Id'e like to see it works ? I am an Audio/Video diagnostic Technician at the Consumer Electronic Level, And I Can Not Aford $300.00 and up for a Mainframe Power Supply ? If you know where one is at stufed into a corner somewhere and is collecting dust .... Let Me Know ... Will Pay Cash !!! Will Pay Shipping !!! I'm In Portland, Oregon . thank's, -russ
Name: russ Portland, Oregon
Homepage: http://

Tektronix oscilloscope part [Buy]10/16/99
Is there somebody who can help me with 2 2N2207 transistors? Thanks. Victor,Shoreline WA.
Name: Victor WA
Homepage: http://

wanted mold and new cnc controls,drives,motors makes fanuc and siemens [Buy]10/15/99
most be cheap working or not
Name: neil ginley england uk

Omegameter 600 SMD [Buy]10/13/99
Looking for a unit of Omegameter 600 SMD. Please quote in US$ and year of manufacture.
Name: Yee-Seng Gan Singapore
Homepage: http://

MPM SP200 printer [Buy]10/13/99
Looking for a MPM SP200 printer. Must be in serviceable condition. Please quote in US$ and state year of manufacture.
Name: Yee-Seng Gan Singapore
Homepage: http://

assembly automation equipment [Sell]10/12/99
We have changed direction in business and are closing a large assembly line it includes all support equipment. This was used for printer assembly but could be used for and any medium weight assembly. Call Jim at 1-503-663-1465 Hans at 1-503-247-3098
Name: Jim Hunt Oregon
Homepage: http://

I need used 200 amp 600 volt 3/ph. disconnect. [Buy]10/11/99
Brand not important. E-mail prices.
Name: Albert Ruschel La. 70072
Homepage: http://

LOOKING FOR V12000 DYNAPERT [Buy]10/07/99
I'M LOOKING FOR V12000 DYNAPERT PTH fax 0039 0445 384378
Homepage: http://

Variable Frequency Drives [Sell]10/07/99
Over 2000 drives in stock, in original factory cartons. From 1/2 HP through 50 HP. Many with single phase input. Baldor (vector) Boston Eaton G.E. Fincor L.G. Magnetek Yaskawa Send for list with prices. Many items are not listed on web site yet. Dealers Electric Motor
Name: Dealers Electric Motor NY

New Siemen A.C. Industrial Electric Motors [Sell]10/06/99
"Over Stocked, we will consider any reasonable offer on large orders." RGZP Total Enclosed Fan Cooled EPACT Efficiency 1 Hp to 10 Hp 230/460 Volts--3 Phase--60 Hertz--1800 RPM 104F(40C)Ambient-Anti-Friction- Horizontal T-Frame Foot Mounted- 1.15 Service Factor In Stock Qty. Ea. Total 1 Hp 102 $116.00 $11,832.00 1.5 Hp 20 $125.00 $ 2,500.00 2 Hp 85 $135.00 $11,475.00 3 Hp 75 $163.00 $12,225.00 5 Hp 60 $190.00 $11,400.00 7.5 Hp 8 $258.00 $ 2,064.00 10 Hp 8 $307.00 $ 2,456.00 ---------- Total $53,952.00 Exclusions: Delivery & tax Call(505)753-2178 Fax(505)753-2179 Mobile(505)470-4854 "Ask for Robert"
Name: Gordon Cerro Industries Co., Inc. New Mexico
Homepage: http://

Injection mold [Buy]09/18/99
We are search a used injection mold for making the case of corded telephone. Please, send us information (picture of case for telephones, price on injection mold and other).
Name: RAHAN Company BY
Homepage: http://

Acution: Sencore SG80 AM/FM Stereo Analyzer [Sell]09/14/99
Sencore SG80 AM/FM Stereo Analyzer up for auction. The auction ends 09/21/99, 13:10:58 PDT Fully working, manual, cables.. check out the link
Name: Seth van Esschoten California

FS: Benchtop SMT Reflow Oven [Sell]09/13/99
From the Contact East catalog: APS Gold-Flow Benchtop SMT Reflow Oven GF 12, - Forced Air Convection and IR oven - 12" wide conveyor - 24" long heated tunnel - Computer Controlled - 100 menu profile storage - 7 day programmable timer - Real-Time graphic temperature profiler I bought this unit Jan 98 and used approx. 100 hours. It is in as-new condition.This unit still retails for $7995. I am asking $6000 and can arrange delivery or pickup to Southern California. Other destinations pay for shipping. Inspection available if desired, by appointment. Oven is located in San Diego, California.
Name: drbriggs California
Homepage: http:// The site Mac does not want you to see!! [Sell]09/09/99
Mac Tools corporate policies made public. Shocking in-depth expose'. Come check it out!
Name: Skuncle Canada

Wanted: Used SMT Assembly Line [Sell]09/08/99
I am currently looking for a Used SMT assembly line which is cheap but reliable.
Name: James Pahk Canada,Ontario
Homepage: http://

Wanted- Huntron Tracker [Buy]09/06/99
Am looking for a good used Huntron Tracker 1000 series. Prefer a model with the retro-fit oscillator kit and with the dual flip/flop comparason feature. Please reply with model, accessories and asking price in U.S. dollars. Thank you Doug
Name: Doug Rissling Canada
Homepage: http://

Urgent ! Used Omegameter 600 SMD wanted [Buy]09/05/99
I need a unit of used Omegameter 600 SMD urgently. Kindly state year of manufacture and price in US$.
Name: Yee-Seng Gan Singapore
Homepage: http://

Omron C200H on Ebay (ends 8/28) [Sell]08/27/99
150495510: Omron Sysmac C200H PLC Bidding starts at: $125.00 Auction ends on: 08/28/99 09:58:31 PDT Comes with 5-slot rack with the following modules: (2) OC225 (16 outputs each), (2) ID212 (16 inputs each), and (1) LK201 RS-232 Programmer. It has the ME431 Memory Unit. No power supply but uses 100-240VAC.
Name: Michael Ray Indiana

Generator [Sell]08/25/99
For sale Model D-337F 6 cylinder 259 horsepower caterpillar SRCV self regulated constant 220-480 voltage generator. $8000.00 e-mail for more info.
Name: Tim AR.
Homepage: http://

SMT & through-hole eqt and board testers, wafer eqt. for sale [Sell]08/20/99
1.BTU LPCVD24-tube oven f. 6"& 8"wafers. presently in clean room, excellent condition, available september 99. 2.BTU TRS21 reflow oven w. air convection, nitrogen. 3.DEK 260 screenprinter 20"x20"DEKALIGN Vision. 4.GenRad GR2276XP board tester, 640 nodes interface. 5.Mydata TP9 Pick&Place ,1995, PC Host, Glue Unit, Vision 6.Philips CSM84VZ, CSM84 Pick&Place w. many feeders. With Large Component Sequencer. 7.Zevatech 460 Placemate placement machine full set of feeders. 8.Universal 6360E radial inserter, 1996, 20 stations, BEC, J11 Controller 9.Universal 2596A sequencer, 60 stations. MANY ITEMS MORE!
Name: TwenTech Trading & Consultancy the Netherlands
Homepage: http://www.interstroomn.l/~twentech/

Fuji Equipments for sale [Sell]08/15/99
For sale SMT FUJI equipments IP2-4000 1993, cp4-4000 1992 SMD3,GSP2-4000 1993,feeders, MCS16F, CP4-2 1992,..... All in very good condition ready to run in production.
Name: serge Belgium

Pre-Owned PCB Assembly Equipment [Sell]08/14/99
In stock ready for immediate delivery. Well maintained Panasonic pre-owned SMT assembly eaquipment, located in Northern California. SCREEN PRINTERS: *1994 Panasonic SPP-D, NM-2672R (XL) All Digital Control. *1994 Panasonic SPP-G1, NM-2674 (XL) All Digital Control. CHIP-SHOOTERS: *1993 Panasonic MV-150, NM-2556FA (LL) Includes 100 Tape Feeders 16,000 Comp./Hour Adhesive Dispenser Option *1994 Panasonic MV2C, NM-2559DA (XL) Includes 50 Tape Feeders 24,000 Comp./Hour FINE PITCH: *1992 Panasonic MPA-3, NM-2535 (LL) Tray Tower, BGA Camera. *1994 Panasonic MPA-G1, NM-2548A (XL) BGA Camera, No Tray Tower *1994 Panasonic MPA-3F, NM-2536F (XL) Tray Tower, BGA Camera. Contact Rick @ 925-371-6000
Name: Fastek International California
Homepage: http://

SMT Line for Sale [Sell]08/11/99
Low cost SMT line consisting of DEK 248 solder paste printer, YAMAHA YS66Sll pick and place machine and HELLER 1088C infra red reflow oven for immediate sale. Pls contact H/P 97967911 or fax no. 65-2239713
Name: Dave Ching Malaysia
Homepage: http://

H3561A Dynamic Signal Analyzer for Sale [Sell]08/11/99
This equipment is in excellent condition. It come complete with application manual and 2 volume shop manual. Make offer.
Name: Tod Adamson Virginia
Homepage: http://

Extron and Crestron equipment [Sell]08/08/99
Extron interfaces and Crestron control system for sale. Email for price/info.
Name: Jerry NJ
Homepage: http://

Used machine tools, used blow molding equipment, used electrical power systems and other unusual products [Sell]08/02/99
Used machine tools, used blow molding equipment, used electrical power systems and other unusual products. Let us save you time, money and effort. Send us the specifications of the equipment you need and we'll find it for you at no cost to you.
Name: CrossNet International PA

Technological line for hardening of detais. [Sell]08/01/99
Production of the Polish firm "Elterma". PEKAT 1,3 Manufactured in 1989 The equipment works by the method of thermal and thermochemical treatment of the details in furnace with controlled atmosphere without air presence during the time of heating, cooling, normalization. LINE IS EXECUTING: - Pure hardening; - Gas cementation; - Gas nitrocementation; - Partly normalizing; - Carbon restoration; AVERAGE PRODUCTOVITY: - hardening 110 kg/h - cementation and hardening 350 kg/h - saturation and hardening 70 kg/h It all of this depends on the type of material and the technology used. MAXIMUM PRODUCTIVITY: - for 1/h through the furnace can workout three buckets. - weight of one bucket - 280 kg FURNACE ATMOSPHERE for heating is kept by regulator following the method of temperature decomposition of natural gas – propane and cataliyzer - nickel. MAIN FURNACE: With dimensions: Width - 600 mm Height - 400 mm Length - 900 mm - Temperature interval 700 - 950 C - Installed capacity 140 kW. FURNACE NORMALIZING: With dimensions: Width - 600 mm Height - 450 mm Length - 900 mm - Temperature interval 200 - 600 C New in wooden boxes.
Name: Angel Stephanov Bulgaria

Carpenter Model 94 wire stripping machine [Buy]07/29/99
We are looking for a used Capenter Model 94 wire stripping machine. Other brands or models would be considered. Datalux Corporation 155 Aviation Dr. Winchester, VA 22602 Tel. 540-662-1500, x19 Fax 540-662-1682; alt. fax 540-665-8920
Name: Ken Tenney VA

Re-certified barcode printers [Sell]07/28/99
We offer factory re-certified barcode thermal transfer printers, of the following brands: Sato, Zebra, Datamax, Intermec, TEC.
Name: Alain DANEL USA

Graphite Furnace [Buy]07/23/99
I am interested in purchasing a used graphite furnace capable of stable temps around 2300 C. Minimum area hot zone. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, JC
Name: JC FL
Homepage: http://