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USED / NEW Allen Bradely Parts, Mitsubishi CPU A2AS [Sell]11/30/99
Parts on eBay... Bunch of allen bradley stuff, new honeywell sensors never used, almost new Brother gear motor 3 phase, AB prox switches, AB fiber optic cables, almost new Mitsubushi A2AS CPU! still at bid $25.00... Most bids still at $1.00 No reserve, stuff REALLY low right now... 1 day to go...
Name: Chris Elston Huntington, IN

SRD4000 satellite receiver for sale [Sell]11/30/99
Have a SRD4000 satellite for sale also a rotating motor box for sale. If you are interested please send email Also have a brand new 210 Meg hard drive for sale. Colorado 210 back up tape drive for sale. Panasonic CD outside 6x for sale.
Name: Pedro Rodriguez Jr. Texas
Homepage: http://

High voltage caps wanted [Buy]11/30/99
Need high voltage caps, exact values not important. If you have any for sale, please email me!
Name: Ben UK
Homepage: http://

WTB: Cover for HP 1725A Oscilloscope [Sell]11/30/99
Looking for cover for my HP 1725A Oscilloscope. Please Email me with price if you have one for sale. -Pete
Name: Pete Chrisbacher PA
Homepage: http://

MINT 1400 Watt Variable Transformer (Variac) [Sell]11/28/99
I have two, almost new STACO 12 amp variable transformers (variacs). Type 3PN1010, 120 Volt input, 0-140 Volt adjustable output. One transformer is on auction at eBay and another for sale direct. These came out of a laboratory that was closing down. They had simply set them to a reference voltage and that was all they did for the short time they were in use. Shipping weight is nearly 14 pounds, so UPS ground from zip code 95054 is going to be about $15 to most of the US. eBay web page including pics and other items is listed as Homepage URL. Thanks for looking.
Name: Steve Benedict CA

Wanted: Semefab 22758C IC and/or datasheet [Buy]11/28/99
I need a datasheet and/or a replacement for an IC labeled "Semefab 22758C". It's an encoder IC used in older garage door openers. Thanks
Name: Shawn Hecker FL

oscilloscopes for sale [Sell]11/28/99
i have the following oscilloscopes for sale: HP54201D 300mhz scope/analyzer for $700.00,TEKTRONIX 2465 300mhz for $1000.00, TEKTRONIX 222 10mhz for $300.00,HITACHI V-509 50 mhz for $300.00.all excellent operating and cosmetic condition. e-mail for details.
Name: ward fiebiger minnesota
Homepage: http://

-- [Buy]11/28/99
DALE NH-10 power resistor 10kOhm 16pcs DALE NH-10 power resistor 5,6kOhm 18pcs ETRI 126LH-2181/220V fans 4pcs
Name: arzachel Switzerland
Homepage: http://

power supply [Buy]11/27/99
I am just starting to learn electronics and I'm looking for a used power supply. I need it to power my small kits. I need 30VDC max. Can you help me? Roger
Name: Roger Bates WA
Homepage: http://

1976 Apple-ONE (Apple-I) Computer for sale [Sell]11/25/99
Museum-quality. Only 200 made. One is in the Smithsonian. More details on web page - with photos.
Name: Dave Selinger CA

e-beam resist + PMMA [Buy]11/25/99
Could you please, let me know if it is possible to get PMMA resist in anisole from you. If so, please include an information on the price and delivery time. I am mostly interested in 9% solution of 200K, 500K and 950K. As far as I need them for research purposes I am looking for smallest quantities available Sincerely yours Dr Tkaczyk zbigniew Institute of Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences Al Lotnikow 32 02-668 Warszawa, Poland fax (+48 22) 843 0926 e-mail
Name: Tkaczyk Zbigniew Poland
Homepage: http://

wanted: telonic 2003 signal/sweep generator w/ plugins [Buy]11/24/99
wanted to buy: telonic 2003 signal/sweep generator(circa 1970) w/ plugins....will pay any resoable prices, plus shipping. please contact:
Name: bruce gasque maine
Homepage: http://

Want to buy part SCHRACK01024 [Buy]11/24/99
I am looking for a SCHRACK relay RYS01024. quantity needed: 10k pcs. date code: indifferent price: make an offer! please don't hesitate to mail or phone ph: +45 8751 4316 fax: +45 8665 9290
Name: Jens Klostergaard Lyngsoe Denmark

Wanted: Genrad 1201B or C [Buy]11/23/99
Wanted Genrad 1201B or C Tube power supply Please send price and condition if you can help
Name: Mel WA
Homepage: http://

Turbine Generator Alignment Class , January 20 & 21, 2000. [Sell]11/22/99
The Next Turbine Corporation Turbine Generator Alignment Class , January 20 & 21, 2000. WHERE: 7215 Hwy. 93 South, LAKESIDE, MONTANA. Lakeside is located along the north west shore of the beautiful Flathead Lake between majestic mountain ranges. Along with a great view of the Rocky Mountains, it's near the Great Bear Wilderness, Bob Marshall Wilderness, just 30 miles from Big Mountain Ski Resort, and only 20 miles from the Blacktail Mountain Ski Resort. INSTRUCTOR: Ken Field, Manager of Service at The Next Turbine Corporation, reveals his "SECRETS" to successful alignment on both small and large steam turbines. Don't miss this opportunity to acquire 28 years of alignment knowledge in two days! COURSE CONTENT ... snip ...
Name: Ken Field

ARO industrial pneumatic drill [Sell]11/22/99
Canarsky & Daughters buyers of industrial surplus is offering an ARO self feed high-thrust pneumatic drill/model: 8670 4 1AM 450 RPM 11/2" stroke at a phenominal discount to the "early-bird." Here is your chance to save "BIG." Canarsky & Daughters stand behind all sales. Thank you, Martin R. Davis Canarsky & Daughters 660-747-5330 fax: 660-747-5331 home: 660-747-8336 E-mail: web site:
Name: Martin R. Davis Missouri

Need HP8505A Network Analyzer Parts [Buy]11/22/99
Does anyone have an HP8505A Network Analyzer for parting out? I need a module from the Source/Converter section. Would also consider a complete non-functioning unit, or the whole Source/Converter section.
Name: Gerrit Barrere WA
Homepage: http://

12.8 MHz High Stability Oscillator (new) [Sell]11/22/99
Stability: +/- 2.5 ppm from -20 to +75 C Supply: 3 volts @ 2 mA. Dims: approx 7/16 x 7/16 x 3/16 surface mount. Control Voltage: 0.5 to 2.5 volts for min +/- ppm frequency change. Other specs on request. $15 for one, $25 for two, including shipping (US).
Name: Ellis VA
Homepage: http://

Microwave Attenuator Calibrator [Sell]11/22/99
We have for disposal a Lucas Weinschel nodel VM-4B attenuator & signal generator calibrator. 0.01 - 18.0 GHz. This unit has recently been taken out of service and is in good working order, with high frequency and low frequency heads. Would consider sale or exchange for network analyser (above 3GHz) Contact
Name: Bryan Lonsdale UK
Homepage: http://

Electronics Books [Sell]11/20/99
Do to a career change, I am offering these electronics books for auction
Name: Joe Schreiber Pennsylvania

TENS parts to alter pulses [Buy]11/19/99
I'd like to build a device,in essence the same as a TENS machine but with ability to adjust bandwidth, frequency, amplitude and to modulate the timing of the pulses. I've been told of a prototype board with small memory and control code to be computer downloaded.IF no-one can sell anything I'd be so grateful for pointers to pages or manufacturers of parts and/or boards - Or I'd like to buy the circuit boards for normal TENS of even literature on hoew to make one.thanks - Stu
Name: Stuart Guest England
Homepage: http://<>

Surplus Components [Sell]11/19/99
URL correction for Surplus Components Sorry about that.
Name: Jack AZ

Surplus components [Sell]11/19/99
I have a rather extensive stock of components that I would like to sell by the piece or all together. The listing is located at: Offers will be considered.
Name: Jack AZ

WTB: 2N6259 transistors [Buy]11/17/99
These transistors are discontinued. I found a place that sells them, but they want a minimum order of 25, and I only need 4 minimum, 8 at the most. If you have these available, please contact me at Thanks! PS. Not interested in cross-reference parts. Originals only.
Name: Mark Jenison IL
Homepage: http://

WTB: old handheld LED calculators [Buy]11/17/99
You know: the battery operated ones from the 1970s,with the reddish, blackish screens. All makes, all models -- HP, Adler, Brother, Columbia, Corvus, Crown, Dataking, Decimo, Dictaphone, Digicomp, Dixon, Edmund, Enterprex, Facit, General, GIC, Hanimex, Hermes, Iain Jones, Ibico, JC Penneys, Panasonic, Sanyo, Sinclair, Spectrum, Sperry, Summit, TKS, Toshiba, Universal Data, Verax, Victor. Good golly -- can you believe there were once about 220 brand-names in all? Anyway, I love them and would welcome yours!
Name: Erik NY
Homepage: http://

Mictrotrip plate [Buy]11/14/99
I have designed plannar antenna with single layer microstrip. but I can't find the plate which has er=2.2 and thickness=2.54mm(100mils) though I found in Rogers co. It is very expensive to me.(they do not sell a single) and I don't need much.. only 10X10cm is ok. if you had a sample, please send me.. I'll pay for that..
Name: heesuk lee South Korea
Homepage: http://

Dynapert equipment [Buy]11/13/99
If you have Dynapert Axial inserters or Sequencers to sell, contact me for prompt cash payment!!!
Name: ATC/ Mike Hong Washington DC
Homepage: http://

Sencore CM2125 Computer Monitor Analyzer [Sell]11/12/99
I have one of these in great shape to sell. New cost is $2400. I lost the box that had the probes/adapters, so figure in buying the leads, etc. when bidding. I am going to call Sencore and get the price for those, and I will post that in the ebay listing. Don't miss out as this is going with NO RESERVE!!!!! Thanks, Eric Eric Westrom Cary, NC 919-465-9316 reply to ericw1(AT) replace (AT) with @
Name: Eric Westrom Cary, NC

Wanted : Vintage color tv CRT [Buy]11/12/99
I am searching for a RCA 15GP22 color picture tube, made circa 1954. Operating condition not important as this is for display only. Please make offer including packing & postage to Paris, France. Name : J Halphen. Email : Phone/fax : (33).
Name: J Halphen France
Homepage: http://

Film capacitors [Sell]11/10/99
we mainly produce film capacitors for Monitor, T.V. Audio.....etc in Korea. Main products are as following. 1. Metallized polyester film capacitor (MPE) 2. Metallized polypropylene film capacitor (MPP) 3. Polypropylene film capacitor(NPP/NPPS) 4. Metallized polyphenylene-sulphide film capacitor(MPPS) 5. Polyester film capacitor(Mylar) Pls contact us for full detailed information. SungHo Electronics Corp(Toronto Branch) 34, Wiley Ave, Toronto, Ontario M4J 3W4, Canada Tel : 1-416-778-7401 Fax : 1-416-778-4404 E-mail :,
Name: Bomsik Ham Korea

Iomegae ZIP drive [Sell]11/10/99
External ZIp drive for sale... excellent condition..
Name: Jeff FL

fs-resistors/ capacitors/ transistors/ eproms/ eeproms [Sell]11/10/99
i have loads of different types if interested in the lot there is 20,000 resistors loads of the others and are all different values looking for 500 the lot or am willing to do smaller amounts cheers mel.
Name: ian melrose uk
Homepage: http://

Used equipment that we wish to sell. HP, TEK, Wavetek [Sell]11/09/99
We have the following test equipment that we wish to sell. All equipment is in good to excellent condition both physically and electrically and includes manuals. If you are interested in purchasing any of the below listed equipment, please contact me. Deadline for quotes will be November 15, 1999. Yours Truly, Eric Pfunke Owner Mountain Radio and Electronics Newton, NJ (973) 579 - 1599 (Qty:1) HP 5351B Microwave Counter (Qty: 2) HP 8350B Sweep Osc, with 83540B Plug In. Plug in has Option 002, and 004 (Qty: 1) HP 8350B Sweep Osc, with 83540B Plug In. Plug in has No options (Qty:1) Tek 2755AP Spectrum Analyzer with option 1 (Qty:1) Tek 2430A Digital Storage Scope with rack mount (Qty:1) Wavetek model 23 Arb. waveform generator
Name: Eric Pfunke NJ
Homepage: http://

Bipolar prom programmer [Buy]11/09/99
I am looking for a Sunshine BW-601 bipolar prom programmer. I already have the software for it. Thanks.
Name: Aurel Boisvert Canada
Homepage: http://

tantalum smd caps [Buy]11/09/99
Do you have a source of tantalum caps ABCD on reels? They are for a small production line in Australia.
Name: Robert Australia
Homepage: http://

Vidicons [Buy]11/07/99
Looking for new 20PE13A / 8844 vidicons.
Name: Syd Levine Kentucky

Fluke 87 DMM [Sell]11/07/99
This unit is in excellent electrical shape and good physical condition. This is a rugged and very reliable multimeter. It is quite arguably one of the best on the market. I figured I'd offer it here before placing it on eBay. Anyone interested please make me an offer. Only serious offers will be considered. Thanks, Alan <KM4DT>
Name: William Childress Georgia
Homepage: http://

FS: Surplus Resistors 1% 1/4W Reels [Sell]11/07/99
I have a number of 5000 pc. reels of 1/4W 1% axial leaded resistors which I need to sell quickly. Asking $2 (US) per reel, +shipping. Email me for more details.
Name: R. Erickson CA
Homepage: http://

Test equipment [Sell]11/07/99
Following equipment is for sale and working Tektronix D475 200MHz CRO 200, Khitsitsu digital storage 150, Marconi TF2019A RF signal generator range up to 1.2 GHz fully synthesised 420
Name: john UK (44)
Homepage: http://

Buy/Sell Allen-Bradley SLC 500 Parts [Buy]11/07/99
We have some used Allen-Bradley SLC-500 PLC modules, racks, power supplies. Some are new, some are used, but all are guaranteed to work when you receive them or full refund. Also, we're looking for some SLC-500 components for internal use here. Good used is OK for our purpose. Please keep my email address on file. Thanks.
Name: John CA
Homepage: http://

Topward 7021 Oscilloscope [Buy]11/06/99
I am looking for a manual &/or data sheet for this 20 MHz scope. Can anyone assist? I am willing to pay.
Name: Geoff UK
Homepage: http://

Tunnel diode [Buy]11/04/99
Looking for tunnel diodes for my Tektronix 1502 TDR. The Tek no. is 152-0489-00 or a replacement is SMTD892WC. I will pay good money for them. Thanks 902-435-9768
Name: Jean Canada
Homepage: http://

WTB: Rittal Rack Components [Buy]11/03/99
Looking for used, or at least discounted prices, on Rittal rack mounting hardware components.
Name: Denny Alford KY
Homepage: http://

WTB: SMT 4700 pf caps 1000 Vdc [Sell]11/01/99
I am looking for 100 to 1000 surface mount ceramic caps 4700 pF in the 1812 size package ( 3.2 mm x 1.6 mm) with 1000 Vdc rating. If you have these please email Daniel
Name: Daniel Schacht Texas
Homepage: http://

Fluke DVM/scope #97 [Sell]11/01/99
complete with all manuals, case, batteries, and probes.... 1200 bucks USA
Name: Eugene Slater Florida
Homepage: http://

X-10 powerline interface for 220V [Buy]11/01/99
Hi, All! I am interesed in X-10 products.However, My place use 220V. Could anyone tell me where can i buy X-10 powerline interface for 220V ?
Name: Felix Chan Hong Kong
Homepage: http://