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Watch and watch movement [Sell]10/31/99
We are manufacturer of watch. Factory in China. Many new design for selection. OEM designs welcome. Competitive price, good quality and promp delivery. We also wholesale swiss movement at very competitive price. Please contact us today for more details.
Name: Amperton Electronics HK
Homepage: http://

Printed Circuit Boards [Sell]10/29/99
We represent five different circuit board companies, all with thier own specialty. SS,DS and up to 32 layers. Mil spec and all are UL app. send RFQ by fax (480)786-3906 or e mail to
Name: Circuit Board Solutions Arizona

Daylighting controls for residential, commercial, and industrial use. Atriums,Skylights,Retail,Parking Lots,Exterior and Interior controls etc. Ph. 604-541-8970 Fx. 604-541-8906 Email for more information.
Name: Save-On Energy Inc. Canada+USA
Homepage: http://

reading locked micros [Sell]10/29/99
chipexperts has developed a software and hardware package that allows you to read locked micros in just a few seconds.extracting the rom code is a straight forward operation .
Name: gary whitlock montreal canada h4r 1v4

4 and 8 channel PC based Oscilloscopes [Sell]10/24/99
The scope4pc is a low cost 4 channel Digital Storage Oscilloscope which connects to the parallel port of a laptop or a desktop PC. Thus, it is portable, and can easily be shared among many users or used in many locations (you do not have to open up the PC). The system has built in automatic calibration and does not need to be shipped back to the factory for re-calibration The software is easy to use, and is loaded with features such as automatic measurements, disk logging, and you can save/recall waveforms to disk. This enable EMAIL of wave-files to your co-workers anywhere in the world. We also offer an OCX file for customers who want to customize their own software applications. Please stop by our web site and review complete product specifications, "test-drive" our software (FREE download) at Please let us know if we can be of service to you or if you have any questions, Best Regards Hans Moller
Name: Hans Moller FL

Manufacturing or Licensing Agreement [Bizop]10/23/99
Kelowna Xtreme Innovations Ltd. is a privately held company, specializing in the development and production of leading-edge accessories for the still untapped $420 million video game console industry. The development of "the Kicker" System which interfaces with N64, Sony PSX, and Sega DC, has patent protection and and KXI is now seeking partnerships or licensing agreements with reputable manufacturers and/or distributers to bring their product to market.
Name: Kelowna Xtreme Innovations Ltd. CANADA

Receiver Multicoupler, SIGINT/COMINT, SWL, Scanning [Sell]10/23/99
We manufacture Receiver Multicouplers for Radio Surveillance and monitoring. Highperformance units avilable from VHF to UHF. Standard port configurations from 2 to 8. Suitable for commercial and government radio surveillance sites both fixed as well as mobile platforms. Also models for Shortwave listening (SWL) and scanning.
Name: Stridsberg Engineering Louisiana

Power Quality Seminars [Sell]10/22/99
R.O. Associates, is a consulting engineering firm dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of electrical power problems. We provide quick and affordable services for specific problems, and college accredited training on power problem subjects such as Grounding, Transient Overvoltage, Lighting Protection, Harmonic Distortion, Radio Frequency Interference, RF Emissions Safety, and others. Please call 800-882-9110 with questions about our services and visit our website at
Name: Laura Kadetz Idaho

4th Russian & CIS Distribution Forum [Sell]10/20/99
Want to sell electronic components to or buy from Russia/CIS? Join the 4th Annual Russian & CIS Distribution Forum 21-22 November 1999, St Petersburg, Russia. In conjunction with Info Tech Week and INEL'99 components exhibition. For details please contact by e-mail <>
Name: Sergey Orlov @ East-West Electronics Russia
Homepage: http://

Online Memory Retailer-NEW [Sell]10/18/99
Our new online Computer Memory Upgrade store is open for business. We provide memory from a host of brands for your systems, servers, laptops, routers, printers, and more. We welcome any feedback that you might have. Thanks, and SPREAD THE MEMORY
Name: J.Tyler Rohrer ME

Capacitors, heatsinks, and much more for sale! [Sell]10/18/99
I have the following offers. If you're interested, please contact us and make a bid for the offered parts you want. You can contact us by fax: +31 (0) 226 - 351 054 or by E-mail. Dick Best Wire wd. Resistor 1 Ohm, 4 Watt 45,000 pcs. TO-5 Heatsink 40,000 pcs. Relais 24Vdc Coil 1 x W 8A 3,500 pcs. Telecom-Relais, coil 4.5 Vol c 2 x W-1A desold. 100% Quality Appr. 15,000 pcs Capacitors 1 uF 250 V Raster 27.5 3,000 pcs 15,5 n 1.6 KV Raster 27.5 14,000 pcs 0,68 uF 1.6 KV Raster 27.5 1,200 pcs Bridge DIL 380 V1A 1,600 pcs. Bridge SMD 800 V1A 4,500 pcs. Electrolytic Capacitors. Philips -125 deg. Celcius 3300 uF 25 V Axial 17x40 mm 3,000 pcs. Soldering-paste for SMD Pack 500 gr. app. 350 pcs. Extra handset for MATRA mobile 400 d (Samsung SPR-800) with holder + charger, without base. 175 pcs.
Name: Dick Best NL

Agent Wanted (Sprue Picker/Robot/Conveyor) [Sell]10/15/99
We are a professional manufacturer of Take-Out Robot/Sprue Picker Conveyor Belt what are the auxiliary equipment for plastic injection molding industry. We are now looking for the companies who are familiar to plastic injection molding field to represent/re-sell our products in the particular markets as an agent -ship. Please feel free to contact us if you are serious to this business. Jason Lee/Manager Fax:+886 2-29182654
Name: Autotex Machinery Co Ltd Taiwan

CD Shield To stop damage to play side of CDs [Sell]10/14/99
CDs are liable to damage on the play side a new product out called the CD-SHIELD, developed by a company in London England.With the sales and distribution being handled by FIRST ELEMENTS EUROPE LIMITED of St Michaels House, South Lane, Bardon, Leicester.England.Le67 1tg Tel 00 44 1530 814100,Fax 00 44 1530 814800. The product is made of the same qualitites as a CD With no optical loss. tested under Orange Book Standard Please view our site atthe address below
Name: Robert W Harman England

New Rf Amplifiers [Sell]10/13/99
Solid State Rf Power Amps 100 to 6000Mhz to 500Watts Low Noise Amps 100 to 6000Mhz noise figures <=1db Low Cost Synthesizers 100 to 3300Mhz Will do trade for ham equipment
Name: CLiff Short nv

Nylon Cable Ties and Accessories [Sell]10/11/99
My company Eurolok Limited is actively looking to promote its range of fully approved Nylon Cable Ties and Accessories and needs stocking distributors worldwide. We manufacture sizes from 80x2.5mm -812x9.0mm together with a selection of bases and eyelets. We can offer very competitive prices and immediate stock availability. Please forward your enquires to : Mr.Neil Hodson ( Sales Director) Direct Fax. 0044 121 522 0845 E-Mail Tel No. 0044 121 520 7101.
Name: Eurolok Limited 0044- UK

Electrical Materials [Sell]10/11/99
Check this url out.
Name: Bob MA

ISA PC-Based Test Equipment [Buy]10/08/99
Our company is currently looking for ISA based test equipment. We are looking for an LCR meter, a High Resitance meter, and Ocilloscopes. If anyone has any information, please contact us at the above address.
Name: Bret NC
Homepage: http://

Electrical and Instrumentation Surplus [Sell]10/08/99
We have a huge inventory of Surplus Material in stock and ready to ship to you anywhere. Some of the items you will find here are transmitters, gas detectors, valves, lights, various types of cable and wire, and much much more. After finding the item you are looking for in our database simply email us at and we will contact you or call us at (250)787-9659 and ask for Parts and Service.
Name: Brian deGans Canada

Cdma fixed telephone interface wanted [Buy]10/07/99
The company I work fro already distribute a Digital cellular network fixed phone interface. We are currently looking for a CDMA interface to distribute in Australia. If you can help please email me. Regrads Mark Barrie
Name: Mark Barrie Australia

Printed Circuit Boards [Sell]10/05/99
We can offer you professional grade Printed Circuit Boards of following specifications at competitive prices. 1. Product Range: Double Layer, PTH; Non PTH and Multilayer 2. Specifications: Conforming to International standards - IPC, UL, JSS. We can also make to specific customer specifications 3. Maximum Board Size: 45 cms x 60 cms; 30 cms x 82 cms (17.5" x 23.5"; 11.75" x 32") 4. Minimum track width / spacing: 4 mil Minimum hole dia: 20 mil 5. Finish: SMOBC with photo imageable solder mask 6. Processes: Hot air levelling, Legend printing, CNC routing, V scoring, Electrical testing (BBT), Gold plating, conductive Carbon ink printing, Peelable mask. Low, Medium volumes are also welcome.ISO 9002 approved and UL listed manufacturer, already exporting to USA and Europe. Look forward to your RFQs. Please send Gerber inputs to Thank you and best regards V J Pathak ============================== Worldwide Solutions 16, Padmadarshan Society, Satara Road, Pune 411 009. India ============================== Tel: 91 (0)20 4228806. Fax: 91 (0)20 4227653 e-mail:
Name: V J Pathak India
Homepage: http://

Electrical and electronic consumer products [Sell]10/04/99
we are manufacturing touch-on lamps, radio, clocks, LCD clocks and etc. Most of our clients are from EEC market. All our products are obtained EMC approval.
Name: Mandy Fung Hong Kong

leather case for cellular phone [Sell]10/03/99
e specialized in mak we ar ing and selling Leather cases for cellular phones for over 14 years, we are manufacturing a variety of Leather cases such as Motorola, Ericsson, Nokia, Siemens, Panasonic, Bosch, Philips and other brands of cellular phones.All of these are made from top-quality leather Our products are all CE approved .Our compacity is over 400,000 units per month. What¡¦s more, the prices are lower than our competitors¡¦ . If you are interested please contact us immediately, we will supply you the best service
Name: Dream Yang China
Homepage: http://

Full Line Test Equipment Distributor [Sell]09/29/99
Beta Lambda Instruments is offering the following internet specials on their web site: New from Instek Corp. GOS-6103 100 MHz Full Feature Dual Channel Delay Sweep Oscilloscope CRT/Cursor Readout 7 Measurements,$ 990 GOS-620 20 MHz Dual Full featured scope 1 mv – 5V vertical sensitivity, CH1 output, Z axis input More $ 299 Gos-620FG Same features at GOS-620 Built in 1 MHz Function Generator$ 416 GFG-8216 3 MHz Function Generator Digital Display, 150 MHz Counter $ 212 GFG-8250 5 MHz Function Generator Digital Display, 150 MHz Counter $ 241 20 % off all Lab. Model Power Supplies starting at GPS-1830 (18 V, 3 A.) $ 176 New Tektronix TX-3 4 4/5 Full Feature Digital Multimeter / Temp. $ 286.35
Name: Roger Williams New York

ANALOG DEVICE AD8400AR10 wanted [Buy]09/29/99
Hello the distributor of our company told us yesterday that he is not able to deliver the above mentioned item on time next week, but 10 weeks later. We do need urgently 6.500 pcs. of this item until October 06, 1999. Is there anybody and holding stock in that product to help us? Best Regards Guenther Schomann CULLMANN GMBH Kapell-Leite 2 90579 Langenzenn TEL +49 -(0)9101-7000 FAX +49 - (0)9101-70045
Name: Guenther Schomann Germany

Hand Held Oscilloscope- Professional features at consumer prices. [Sell]09/27/99 just introduced a hand-held digital oscilloscope with professional features at consumer prices. The HPS5 digital storage scope is a revolutionary leap in miniaturization. The bright LCD display displays waveforms with frequency, period, RMS, P-P and DC level annotations. Operating on batteries or AC adapter the HPS5 provides powerful troubleshooting convenience on the road or on the bench. The introductory price is $179.00. Contact us at or by telephone at 215-369-4477.
Name: Kurt Goszyk

need MF8 IC [Sell]09/27/99
Is there any source where I can still get National MF8 filter IC's?
Name: James Basinger VA
Homepage: http://

sputter equip [Buy]09/25/99
want to buy or lease a MRC-943 with DC/RF
Name: anita cook GA
Homepage: http://

New Filter Design Software [Bizop]09/25/99
LinearX Systems announces the arrival of FilterShop 3.0. The result of four years of R&D. The product features: rich graphical user interface, true analog circuit synthesis, a massive target generation system, powerful target and circuit optimization, advanced digital filter design for both IIR and FIR filters, analog filters to 32 poles/zeros, mixed analog/digital filter design, switched-capacitor filter design, comprehensive equalizer design using potentiometer tapers, custom circuit entry/editing with proprietary circuit components, frequency domain analysis, time domain analysis, and noise analysis. Applications include audio, general purpose DSP, instrumentation, communications, aviation/navigation, digital radar, biomedical, telephony, etc.
Name: Chris Strahm Oregon

Where to find bi-color 7-segment LED displays [Buy]09/18/99
Does anyone know of a source of bi-color 7-segment LED displays, 0.8 to 1.0 inch? All the manufacturers I've talked to have from 8 to 18 weeks lead time and require a minimum order of 300 to 10,000 units. Does anyone know a manufacturer that has them in stock? Would like to get about 100 units.
Name: Peter Zechmeister MN

Enclosures Systems and Rack Components. [Sell]09/16/99
Manufacturer and Exporter of Enclosures Systems and Rack Components. Standard Rack Cabinets, Open Rack, Out Door Rack, Subracks, and its Accessories by EIA and IEC. OEM, Knowk-Down, and Door-to-Door Delivery Possible. Homepage, Catalogue, and Price Lists are ready.
Name: BJ systems,Inc KOREA

Want to buy semiconductor urgently [Buy]09/13/99
Hellow all, We are looking for any stock/source of below items, - Toshiba OTP TMP87PM14N 2K pcs - Texas Instruments OTP TMS73CE95NJ 1K pcs Please check and contact me with quotation immediately. Best regards, Steve S. Kang Purchasing Manager Tong Yang Magic Co., Ltd. Korea E-mail : Fax : 82 331 222 2284
Name: steve kang
Homepage: http://

Wanted - Your Company or Division [Bizop]09/11/99
Dear Company Owners, Are you in the process of executing a retirement plan or want to sell your company assets in part or in whole? Or are your looking for funds to expand your facility? We can help. We are Mergers and Acquisitions specialists. Our specialty including company valuation, corporate finance and M&A services. We help public or privately held companies to engage all kinds of corporate finance activities. Established companies with at least 5 million USD sales, please. US based companies preferred.
Name: Jack Wan NJ

MacroSim Digital Simulator [Sell]09/09/99
MacroSim is a sophisticated software tool that integrates the process of designing and simulating the operation of digital electronic circuitry. MacroSim has been developed for professional engineers, hobbysts, tertiary and late secondary students.
Name: Vlad Tim AU

SynaptiCAD Timing Diagram Analysis Tools [Sell]09/09/99
SynaptiCAD timing diagram analysis, HDL test bench generation and Verilog simulation tools are now available direct in the UK and Scandinavia from EuroEDA Limited. Email for information, or visit our web site -- EuroEDA Limited Phone: +44 (0)1933 676373 Fax: +44 (0)1933 676372 Email: Web:
Name: EuroEDA Limited UK

Servo Components & Automation Systems [Sell]09/09/99
If your interest is in high precision SERVO equipment, then have a look at the Motor Technology Website. Here you will find our extensive range of Drives, Motors, Motion Controllers, Feedback Devices and other related product.
Name: Matt Phelan United Kingdom

Test Equipment - New All in One Community [Sell]09/07/99
A new Web site for anyone interested in general purpose test equipment. It has very impressive databases of new and old products from all manufacturers with detailed specifications, unbiased side-by-side comparisons of like products (including pricing) and hard to find data like calibration intervals, life cycles, obsolete and out of support status and certifications. All on-line, no need to chase links to other sites. Handy cross-references to manufacturers and service providers, including predecessor/successor companies. E-commerce is supported on the site, as well. Buy and sell, new and used; even custom searches for sources of specific equipment.
Name: Dick LaJeunesse OR

New and Forthcoming Technical, Engineering & Management Books [Sell]09/06/99
Mailing List - New and Forthcoming technical, engineering and management books, software and training videos from Artech House and Whittles Publishing. To subscribe send blank email to: or visit: Full archives available.
Name: Roger Gregory 44 (UK)

Low cost A/D, D/A, Timer and Digital IO card [Sell]09/06/99
A/D,D/A,DIO,Timer board for $299 16 channel 12 bit ADC (16 single ended or 8 differential inputs),3 programmable timers,Two 12 bit DACs.24 digital I/O lines (TTL compatible), with Relay drivers, Opto isolation and Interrupt facility.8 externally latched / strobed input lines.Software programmable I/O Address, Channel, Mode, gain, Trigger selection. For More info contact or Check us on the web or call us at 1-800-972-3733
Name: AMS Florida, USA

Special transformers-chockes-UPS [Sell]09/06/99
We are a french manufacturer of special transformers. We also made chockes and power suplie. We already works with some international groups in France and many research centers like CEA or cnrs. Dears sir, thank you for your attention. Best Regards. Jean-Luc

AVR, Stabilizer, IVR, Frequency Converter, UPS... [Sell]09/05/99
AC POWER CORP. is a leading & professional manufacturer of AVR (Electronic) / Stabilizer/ Power Line Conditioner, AC Power Source/Frequency Converter & UPS... The company has nearly two decades of design and manufacturing experience in AC power field, and by applying latest new technologies such as Digital/Microprocessors, IGBT/PWM and PCB modularization etc.., the company has acquired three technology patents both in Taiwan & mainland China. Tel:+886-2-2694-7966 Fax:+886-2-2694-8965 E-mail:
Name: Jennifer Chien R.O.C.

$$$ I recommend TesterSangyo HP $$$ [Sell]09/05/99
Hi all, I recommend the following Web site opened Tester Sangyo Co., Ltd. to all. URL: I am sure you can get a useful info. so, please visit the site light-heartedly!! Note: #1: Corporate Name: Tester Sangyo Co., Ltd. #2: Business Contents: Manufacture for designing and making of testing apparatusorFILM,PLASTIC,PACKING, ADHESION, GLUEING, PAPER, PULP,PAINT, INK, RUBBER, FIBER, BATTERY. Thanks&Regards, M.Ozawa,
Name: TesterSangyo (rgst. M.Ozawa) JPN

AutoSignal: A timely breakthrough in cutting-edge signal analysis [Sell]09/02/99
AutoSignal has an easy-to-use automated interface that requires no programming to perform state-of-the-art signal analysis. Every step of your analysis is automated, saving you the time normally required to perform calculations or programming. Filter, process and analyze your complex signals with interactive graphics and detailed numeric summaries. Key feature highlights: - No programming required - Quickly locate signal components - 6 Advanced FFT techniques & 30 taper windows - Wavelets - Isolate components by signal strength using eigendecomposition - Precisely estimate with parametric modeling - Easily smooth and process your signals - Perform unattended batch processing for analyzing and reporting
Name: SPSS Science IL

INFO: Low cost PC based logic analyzer [Sell]09/02/99
INFO: > ===== > > QUAD makes quality PC Based Logic Analyzers. If you need LA with great > performance and low cost visit the site below: >
Name: Rastislav Struharik SK

Equipment for sale [Sell]09/01/99
We have a large selection of used test equipment,Professional video equipment,and surplus electronics. Click on our URL and brouse around our virual store.
Name: R & D Associates sc