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Euro-style oval MP3 bumper sticker [Sell]08/31/99
We've got a black and white euro-sytle oval bumper sticker that says MP3 in the center. Its great for your car, your computer, or anything else you can think of. Its made with durable long-lasting ink and its a quality sticker. check it out at
Name: Sean Rodger NY

1" case badges and branding stickers [Sell]08/31/99
ScotGold Products designs and manufactures 1" case badges and a range of labels for the computer, electronics, automotive and electronics industries. The company also sells a range of Linux products such as stickers, magnets, mouse mats, ties, badges, pins etc. To get a sample, simply e-mail your logo/artwork at 600dpi 1" (25x25mm) in full color. Don't forget to include your postal address.
Name: Chris Engel Scotland, UK

Temperature Controllers and Lab Equipment [Sell]08/30/99
Temperature controllers for the laboratory are sometimes hard to find and even harder to understand. I am the Product Engineer for a small company in Pennsylvania that manufactures the most accurate and simplest line of controllers made, prices are the lowest. For technical descriptions and information come to my web page.
Name: Cliff Mckeown Pennsylvania, USA

Dynamic new web site helps component buyers! [Bizop]08/29/99 would like to extend a free trial membership to any OEM/CEM companies or distributors. Our site links buyers and sellers. We have over 5 million line items of inventory from over 1500 members. Logon to for details
Name: New York

Offer: Low-cost industrial controller. [Sell]08/28/99
We offer a Low-cost industrial controller, with an optional LCD of some 4.5 x 3 inch. Some features: 32 relay driver, 32 inputs, 8 analog inputs, 2 pwm outputs, Eeprom, 64K flash program mem. 2K ram. EMC-compliant. Full documentation is downloadable from our web-site (Download section).
Name: A.J. Kool The Netherlands

Free DSP filter design program [Sell]08/28/99
Free DSP filter design program based on the Clark McClallen algorithm. Very usefull, and its free. Features * Calculation of FIR filters upto 500 tabs. * Output in IEEE floating point and for the ADSP21xx DSP's. * Proper printing of a graph. * Copy the graph to clipboard as a metafile. * Operates as OLE server (allows embedding in other documents).
Name: A.J. Kool The Netherlands

TC820CPL [Buy]08/28/99
I need IC TC820CPL -Teledyne semiconductors.
Name: Ivica Croatia
Homepage: http://

High End Audio Gear [Sell]08/26/99
For the best in music reproduction, please visit our web site. The Audible Difference sells and installs the finest music playback systems available!
Name: The Audible Difference, LLC Ct

Solitrionics Inc. [Sell]08/19/99
Solitronics Inc. offer hard to find bipolar power transsitors. Look at our web site and you will be suprised by our service and very competitive pricing! More products will be on-line soon. check out today:
Name: Solitronic VA

Transformer Manufacturer [Sell]08/19/99
JEM Electronics supplies custom manufactured transformers to the electrical and electronics industries. Both toroidal and laminated types are available on short lead times. Other wound magnetics and UPS, transformer-rectifiers, constant voltage transformers, etc are available.
Name: Mark Daniels UK

Almita Co., Ltd., was established in 1987 and is an ISO9001, IECQ & UL certified manufacturer of FPC / FFC connectors and flat flexible cables. As one of the leading specialists in manufacturing FPC /FFC connectors and flat flexible cables of multiple pitches including 0.5mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm and 1.25mm pitches, we are confident that Almita can meet your requirements. Our connectors and cable can be used in various applications including general & car audio systems, camcorders, VIR, CDP, LDP, electronic cas registers, all kinds of computer printers, cordless phones, fax machines, copiers, FDD, LCD, DVR and DVD. Almita is at your disposal all the time and welcomes your inquiries. Company: Almita Co., Ltd., Country: TAIWAN Contact: Broman Tsai Tel: 886-2-2652-2350 Fax: 886-2-2651-7398 Email: Homepage:

Buy [Sell]08/17/99
I Buy this component. Urgent! LB 1634 SMD Thank for youir cooperation
Name: darius
Homepage: http://

Laser Pointers from $9.95 - All Types of Lasers- Laser Shows, Laser Keychains and more [Sell]08/14/99
If it's a Laser Product we have it at Disco Laser Shows, Laser Pens, Compant Lasers from $9.95 So Much more...
Name: Nam Nguyen FL

Flat Panel and Gas Plasma Displays - VERY HOT PRICES! [Sell]08/14/99
Outstanding prices on Gas Plasma and Flat Panel Displays Now From 15" to over 50" displays now from 969! A Sample of what we have: TwinHead - M1500G - 15" LCD Panel Monitor Visit TwinHeads WebSite for more product information Now Only $969.95 NEC - PX-42M4A PlasmaSync 4205W NEC - PX-42M5A PlasmaSync 4210W NEC - PX-50M5A PlasmaSync 5000W Now Only $6,800 Now Only $11,775 Now Only $22,500 NEC - PX-42M4A - NEW & HOT !! New Lower Price !! PlasmaSync 4205W Plamsa Monitor - 42" Viewable NEC - PX-42M5A - NEW The PlasmaSync 4210W 42" Viewable includes AccuBlend® scan conversion technology for sharp, stable images up to XGA resolution and realistic color reproduction via NEC’s exclusive Capsulated Color Filter™ technology. NEC - PX-50M5A - NEW The PlasmaSync 5000W is designed for high-profile installations where outstanding image quality and superior design are required to convey a sophisticated, cutting-edge image for your organization. The PlasmaSync 5000W combines the highest native panel resolution available on a 50" plasma monitor with NEC’s exclusive Capsulated Color Filter™ technology and AccuBlend™ scan conversion to provide rock solid high-resolution images with outstanding color realism. Electrograph - E4203DD - 42" Gas Plasma Display - Truly Unique for Professionals!! with direct digital SD-1 inputs (ITUBT-R 656/601 format) Now Only $16,000 PDS4203W Plasmavision 42 PDS4207 Plasmavision 42 w/ Scan Converter PDS4204 Plasmavision 42 w/PCMCIA I/O Now Only $6,200 Now Only $7,400 Now Only $10,250 Fujitsu - PDS4203W - Plasmavision 42 - New Lower Price !! 42" Display. Complete Multimedia Monitor 852 x 480, NTSC, PAL, SECAM. 160 Degree Viewing Angle 16:9 aspect ratio 400:1 contrast ratio 6" Depth, 87lbs., Universal Power Supply Fujitsu - PDS4207 - Plasmavision 42 with Scan Converter - Accepts XGA, SVGA, and VGA Fujitsu - PDS4204 - Plasmavision 42 with PCMCIA Interace PDP-V401 40" Display PDP-V501x 50" Display Now Only $8,250 Now Only $15,995 Pioneer - PDP-V401 40" Full Color Plasma Display 640 x 480, NTSC, RGB, S-VHS, VGA. 150:1 Contrast Ratio. 400 cd/m brightness. Only 4" deep and 67 pounds Pioneer - PDP-V501x 50" Full Color Plasma Display 1280 x 768, VGA, SVGA, XGA, NTSC, RGB, S-VHS 350 cd/m brightness.(without Filter) Only 4" deep and 95 pounds
Name: Rod King FL

Instruments/analysers [Sell]08/14/99
I am a manufacturer of instruments/analysers and am seeking sales/agents in other countries. The products are listed on my web page under designs - miniaturized conductivity/temperature/REDOX/pH meter; mist analyser; Lone worker alarms; Laboratory/equipment alarms.
Name: Peter Grey AU

Power cord, plug, soket, cable reels. [Sell]08/11/99
I recommend our products to you ,Our company is manufacturing standard power cord ,Plug extension cord and socket ,Mainly to be the subsidiary of modern world gengeral using connectors series AC.and DC .such as PC electronics products electrical appliances ,dynamic tools.They have got safety approval of BS in British UL,CUL in USA ,VDE in Germany.GS ,CE,EMC ISO9002 in the European Economic Community as well as Chinese CCEE. If you are interesting in our products ,Pls contact with me ,we will give you our the best price. Wish you and your company can cooperate with us .
Name: XIE YALI China

TOM300 Thermal Profiler [Sell]08/07/99
We are looking for custumers and distributors all over the world for our new 4 channel low cost thermal profiler. VISIT OUR WEB PAGE AND DOWNLOAD THE TOM300's SOFTWARE
Name: claudio carnevali Italy

Trimmer capacitor [Sell]08/03/99
Dear Sirs, As a manufacturer of ceramic trimmer capacitor in korea, we would like to have an opportunity to introduce ourselves. we are looking for agents and distributor now, and welcome to any kinds of inquiry. You can see all details in our homepage. Thanks.
Name: Boggie Lim KR

WTB: Bright white/clear LEDs [Buy]08/03/99
'm wanting to construct a pocket light (flash light)...perhaps by using multiple LEDS, the real high brightness bright clear/white photon light type. Where can I find those? and whats the estimate wholesale/retail costs?
Name: Jeremy KY
Homepage: http://

I want to buy lazer units for sony play-station model 7502 [Buy]07/30/99
i want lazer units kss-440acm for 7502 sony play station machine
Name: Stelios ELeffteriadis GREECE
Homepage: http://

Yamaha CR1040 Preamp-Hybrid [Buy]07/27/99
I´am searching for an IG 02930, printed Number on back side: 380EBB1.
Name: Norbert Hans Germany
Homepage: http://

Transgun transformers for resistance welding [Sell]07/25/99
Transgun transformers for resistance welding in the automotive and white goods industries, 25 to 124 KVA, made in Europe to international standards
Name: isomatic UK

IC Chip SIEMENS TLE3101 [Buy]07/24/99
I need 1 IC Chip Siemens TLE3101 (obsolete component, unavailable by Siemens) Do sale offer by mail ( Thanks
Name: Dusart Belgium
Homepage: http://

need eeprom chip m24128W [Buy]07/23/99
hay, I need eeprom chip m24128w (st) only one or two pieces I live in Europe thanks tim
Name: tim Slovenia
Homepage: http://

Pager Motors [Sell]07/23/99
PAGER MOTORS: Each $5.00 CDN (Canadian Dollars) plus applicable taxes and shipping. Diameter: 6mm Length: 15mm Rated voltage: 1.3V DC Starting voltage: 0.7V DC Rated current: 75mA Max current: 130mA Rated speed: 5,500rpm Operating voltage range: 0.7V to 1.6V Weight (approx.): 2.7g These motors are brand new and perfect for BEAM and other miniature robotics. Any quantity is available. Please contact Micheal G. Nash at the email address below if interested. Thank You Micheal G. Nash
Name: Micheal Nash Ontario, Canada
Homepage: http://

EZBoard2000 - Windows95 pcb layout software [Sell]07/23/99
EZBoard2000 is a revised EZBoard Pro version able to read your previous files and is a very capable, easy to use program with almost all of the needed pcb layout tools found in more expensive packages. This is an ongoing revision, with a wish list, users groups and 24hr email support. The total EZRoute2000 program consists of: EZLogic2000 schematic capture EZSymbol 2000 schematic symbol editor New libraries EZBoard2000 pc board editor EZRouter autorouter Users manual How-to's, Why's, make pcb's The rest of the programs should be available near 4thQ99. Total package is $450 US with a yearly upgrade of $100 Previous EZRoute users have a special upgrade price. Please request a demo. Thanks Bill Jenkins reseller and user since 1987 (web site not up yet)
Name: Bill Jenkins BC Canada

TEK 465M [Sell]07/23/99
TEK 465M Oscilloscope with front cover $250 - 100 MHz Dual Trace - 5 mV/div to 5 V/div - Horizontal modes include A, A intensified by B, B Delayed by A and mixed - Horizontal sweep from 0.5 S to 0.05 microsecond/div; and 50 nS to 0.05 microsecond delayed Great cosmetic condition! Add $25 for a new Avex 100 MHz switchable X1, X10 probe. All items sold with a 30-day warranty (parts & labor) and 10-day right of return. Prices do not include Shipping/Handling. Prices subject to change and all items subject to prior sale and/or availability. Visa, MasterCard, accepted. Personal checks or Money Orders welcome. These are only a few of the hundreds of items we have on hand. For our latest list, just send email to: with "Request List" in Subject line. -- Lew Coppes Tucson, AZ Voice: 520-749-8471 FAX: 520-760-7780
Name: Lewis Coppes AZ
Homepage: http://

Electronic Components [Sell]07/23/99
Dear Sir/Madam, We are taking this golden opportunity to present ourselves before you as being one of the leading manufacturing in China and exporter of ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS here in Hong Kong for the past twenty years. We will be really appreciated if you can put us under your consideration as one of your business partner. Below are our company's main source of export component: ELECTROLYTIC CAPACITOR, (0.1uF-100,000uF / 6.3V-450V) CERAMIC CAPACITOR, (0.5pF-0.47uF / 16V-3KV) CHIPS COMPONENTS, (Chip ceramic, tantalum, resistor......etc.) POLYESTER FILM CAPACITOR, (0.001uF-6.8uF / 100V - 2KV) RESISTOR, (1/8W,1/4W,1W,2W,3W......etc.) RECTIFIER DIODE, (1N4001-7,1N4148,FRxxx......etc.) L.E.D. (3mm,5mm,2x5mm,......etc.) Other minor parts are I.C.'s , Transistor, Oscillator Filter, Condenser Mic, Socket & Connector, Mylar Speaker, Buzzer, Reed Switch,......etc. Please feel free to ask any questions and write us today telling about your requirements.
Name: Jason Sze HK