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Important Notice:

Dear all,

Sorry for my poor English first. I am a native Taiwanese, living and working in Taiwan.

I feel very sorry to announce that all the forums on IndustryCommunity have been deactivated for the reasons below:

1. The forum software (WWWBOARD) that we have been using for years is an ancient freeware, which lacks many important features. It is easy for users to post messages, but for me, hard to manage users and postings, taking me a lot of time to maintain the system and moderate postings.

2. As a free community site in nature, I am not able to make money from it, so I have to develop a commercial site to cover the costs for hosting the sites and the time I have spent.

3. Our another site (EquipMatching) has become mature. With so many users and ads, I need to spend all my working time maintaining the new site.

If you are looking for or want to sell equipment, machinery or spare parts, please make sure to join EquipMatching. Thank you.

Best Regards,

Edward Cheng
Owner of IndustryCommunity and EquipMatching

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