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Subject: Need help in determining resistor values...

Date: 12/20/99
Posted by: Michael McEvoy
E-mail: digimax(at)aol(dot)com(no spam)
URL: http://


Scenario: Two identical (audio) mixing consoles, each with 4 aux send (balanced) outputs rated at a source impedance of 150 ohms. Each of these sends is routed to an outboard device with inputs rated at 100K ohms. I would like to merge the aux sends of each mixer together ("y" connection), so that, for instance, aux 1 of both mixers are merged, feeding a single outboard input. I realize this would "load" the outputs too heavily. The question is: What value resistor may be placed in series with the + and - of each aux send in order to reduce the load enough to approximate the original output to input load? And, where in the circuit is the best place to place the resistors? Thanks for your help.... Happy Holidays, Michael

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