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Subject: PCI based NIC card and Boot ROM

Date: 11/28/99
Posted by: Ajit Madhekar
E-mail: ajit(at)n2(dot)com(no spam)
URL: http://


Hi !! I am facing a problem for design of a PCI based NIC card , I want a boot ROM support. My card is addressed in memory mapped fashion. So all the register of MAC ( transmit, receive and MII mode control) are memory mapped. The PCI may give any address space to my card. My card supports 64 bit addressing as well. So above 4Gb address is also possible. I have a boot ROM present on a card , it will also be mapped to that memory region. Now the driver(present in the boot ROM ) will try to access the register of NIC chip and it will not do so because the system is booted in real mode and it will not be able to access the MAC registers as they are in protected mode memory region. Does this mean that all my necessery register will be having two addresses one IO/mapped and the other memory mapped address ? Need I have to support IO space for my PCI design ? Any help is appriciated Ajit Madhekar ajit@n2.com

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