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Subject: Radar Detectors and GUNN Diodes

Date: 09/09/99
Posted by: Steve McNeese
E-mail: steven(dot)mcneese(at)sw(dot)boeing(dot)com(no spam)
URL: http://


This is a message I posted on a sci.electroncs newsgroup that did not get much attention. Hopefully someone here may have some information for me. Steven McNeese gDG > > Way back when in my younger years when I would speed and had a radar > detector, I remember the thing would always get set off by grocery > store doors. If I remember correctly, it was the X band at 10.525 Ghz > that was affected more that the K band at 22 Ghz. Today, GUNN diodes > are available in many frequency ranges. I have a situation on the > residential street in front of my house where people speed > constantly. I complain to the local police and eventually they will > patrol or put out a mobile speed detector. This works for about a > week or so and then its back to normal. I would like to build a > device that can emit a radar signal in the X and K bands to hopefully > stop these people (mostly kids) from speeding through the > neighborhood. Is the radiation from a GUNN diode harmless to humans > and pets? Can a simple device be built to meet this objective? > > I could probably buy a motion detector used on the grocery store > doors, but I imagine that they would be very expensive. GUNN diodes > by themselves run around $10-$15. If someone can provide me with a > little help or knows if a device like this exists or where I might > obtain a schematic, I would be grateful. > > Thanks for your help, > > Steve

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