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Subject: Motion Control IC

Date: 08/09/99
Posted by: Stephan Esterhuizen
E-mail: stephan(at)uswest(dot)net(no spam)
URL: http://


I am a senior grader in high school, working on a electronics project. Basically, I have got a Yaskawa Electric TO6M-QU12 DC motor with an optical encoder tied to its back. Now I had a look at the LM628 and LM629 Motion Control IC's from National Semiconductor. What I know is that the LM628 puts out a 8bit signal from its DAC to control the motor, the LM629 puts out a 8bit PWM signal to control the motor. Now my question is, will i be able to control that DC permanent magnet brush motor with a PWM signal? I know that if you just put straight 20V(or -20V) 3A on it, it will turn, so i guess that a 8bit DAC signal used with an amp will also do the trick? After the weak signal leaves the IC, I need a amp to amplify the signal to max. 24V 3.8A, do you know any cheap solution to do that? Thanks

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